Building software is not easy, nor is it cheap, so it’s important to have the right people on your team, to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible and the outcome is what you were hoping (and paying) for. We’ve helped assemble countless development teams and have maintained one of our own for nearly 20 years, and in our opinion, these are the positions and qualities to look for in the perfect team or candidate.

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Project Managers

The Project Manager has a huge amount of responsibilities on a software development team. The main function of a project manager, though, is to lead the entire project from beginning to their end goal.

To do that, a person should be well-versed in management, development methodologies, and software development. A project manager is also responsible for the consistency of the software and makes sure it matches the customer’s documented requirements.

A project manager should:

  • have a solid technical background
  • have a good understanding of the client’s needs
  • inspire, manage and lead human resources
  • possess a high sense of responsibility
  • be good at multitasking


Adding color, fonts, and a cool layout to a piece of custom software may just sound like something extra and fun, but the design and the aesthetic of your software is ‘make or break.’ But, that’s the not the first step to a designer’s job. Designers must work with documentation, first. After processing the requirements, the team devises the app’s navigation mechanics and creates basic wireframes. Then, designers work on the look and feel of the app, replicating identical UI/UX for specific platforms.

A team of designers should consist of:

  • Strategist
  • Navigation planner
  • Visual designer
  • Content planner

development team

A design team is flexible in their development process. Often, they prefer to work on delivering the UI/UX along with testing it: they step back, let the users to try out their current project, get their feedback and then discuss and make changes at any stage.


The job of the development team is to process the finished UI/UX layouts and implement them all in a real application. Developers should have experience in working with a platform of choice and its languages.

Apart from their technical experience, software engineers should also have some character traits that would help them succeed in delivering projects. One of them is agility – that is the drive to quickly develop a solid basis for an app and improve it further.

Quality Assurance specialists

QA is the first and the most critical audience of the end product.  As they test an entire app, they have the right to decide when the project is ready to be presented to the client or delivered to the market. But before making this decision, they should point out all the options for improvement and prove how these improvements are indeed necessary.

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Qualities to Look for in a Development Team

Proficiency level compliance

An extremely talented software development team is constantly looking for challenging tasks and projects. And while each member of the team pledges to do high-quality work, they expect the same level of proficiency from their colleagues.

Fixed processes

A strictly regulated and controlled development process should be organized. Every team member must be informed of the entire project’s scale, and what role they play in it, as well as made aware of any important changes. There should be a strict schedule with both major and minor goals for a team to stick to.

Mutual respect

Everyone on the team should understand that software development involves various steps of work and each of these steps requires specific skills, time and effort. No link of the development chain can mark their own part of the job as more difficult/important/time-consuming and screw up the schedule by taking more time to finish it. The same goes for customers: they should be informed that no step can be ‘sped up’ just because it may sound easier or less important to them.

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Involving various skills and consisting of multiple stages, software development is a complex process. Disregard for any of its parts means disregard to an entire project, and such attitude often leads to failures. For development to succeed, a software team should be highly experienced and diverse. But what’s more important, all the expert who constantly moves the process forward are owed respect for all the effort they put in their part of the job.

If you’re looking to build an excellent software development team, or are looking to begin your next software project with an experienced team, reach out to us. We’ve built custom software for nearly 20 years, helping people grow their businesses and their in-house teams. We’d love to help you, too.

Now that you know the qualities to look for in your own development team, let’s talk about the questions you should ask all potential software partners before making any decisions. This free eBook goes over the most crucial questions to ask any software development firm.
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