Case Studies


LG Electronics (LGE) Commercial Air Conditioning (CAC) division is based out of the United States and supports the sales, training and operations of LGE’s commercial and residential air conditioning products. LGE CAC has seen considerable growth in the last few years and to support the increased customer order management needs as well as internal forecasting efforts, LGE created an online portal called Sales & Operations Planning Site (SOPS).

The SOPS portal is critical to the management of commercial orders by Sales Reps and internal LGE staff. The orders, also referred to as “Projects,” have long lead times and play a significant role in demand forecasting for manufacturing efforts.

Construx Solutions

Construx Solutions is an independent consultancy and advisory firm for large construction projects. Their job is to help their clients identify and mitigate the risks of delays, disruptions and budget overruns. Through years of experience, Construx has developed a unique process to capture and analyze key data metrics during construction projects that are above and beyond what is typically gathered by project managers. This data in turn is analyzed and used to identify risks early and address them before they impact the project.

To better scale their business and to improve the quality, quantity and timeliness of data collected, Construx Solutions embarked on creating an application that could be put in the hands of construction teams in the field, and in turn automate many of the key data capturing and analysis performed.

ACT Bridge

ACT Bridge is an innovative start-up that offers online tools to medium and large businesses for recruitment, career development, performance evaluations, and succession planning. ACT Bridge’s vision is to change the way managers and human resources look at an organization. Rather than focus on evaluating and promoting employees based on the existing organizational chart, ACT Bridge’s product suite maps each job to the key skills and knowledge that are critical for success.

This approach uniquely allows businesses to look at the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and match them to the right job during recruitment and career development as well as make better staffing evaluations and promotion decisions during performance reviews and succession planning.


Fusionetics was formed by a group of sports and wellness professionals including sports medicine doctors, physical therapists and professional athletes. With extensive past experiences in internet-based health and wellness services, Fusionetics wanted to create a new product that would offer online assessment tools to identify imbalances and dysfunctions in the body and then automatically generate a treatment plan as well as provide a personalized portal to track treatment activities and progress.

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