According to Kelly Land, CEO of Berke Group, “We hired SOLTECH about 5 years ago to help us build the Berke Assessment. The entire team at SOLTECH has been great. They helped us develop a fantastic product and we couldn’t have done it with them.”


Berke Group knew there was growth potential for their business but their current process for delivering employment assessments, a core area of their business, made it virtually impossible to do so. Berke Group provided their clients with a personality assessment tool that was used to determine how well a potential candidate matched with the requirements of a particular job. The process involved an initial consulting session to understand the characteristics and requirements of the client organization, which was then utilized to develop an assessment unique to the client. The potential candidate took the assessment in a written format which was mailed out for manual analysis by a third party upon completion. Although effective, the process was labor intensive and prevented the company from meeting their growth objectives.

The Solution

SOLTECH developed a web based assessment tool for Berke Group that encompassed ease of use and immediate feedback through an automated process. From the beginning of the project, Berke Group had a clear vision of what they wanted and SOLTECH was able to successfully execute through their depth of experience and overall knowledge of technology. After identifying Berke Group’s needs, SOLTECH architected, designed and developed the Berke Assessment allowing the end user to respond to a series of questions on multiple forms. The responses are then analyzed via complex algorithms and an assessment report is generated and forwarded to the hiring manager.

By building their own assessment program rather than using a third-party program, Berke Group was able to lower the price of each assessment while improving their profit margin. In addition, they can now add new clients and grow their business without a negative impact on customer service. More importantly, their clients realized immediate value with the new application as it reduced their time-to-hire by an average of 48% and turn-over by an average of 32% while increasing the quality of their new hires.

Due to the success of the initial project, SOLTECH has provided both small and large enhancements to the Berke Assessment over the past 5 years. From upgraded technology to new functionality to ongoing maintenance and support, SOLTECH has been Berke Group’s trusted IT vendor.

Core Capabilities

Custom Software Development, Strategic Consulting, Application and Infrastructure Support, Product Development

Technology Used

ASP. NET, C#, XML, SQL Server 2000

About Burke Group

Berke Group helps businesses drive profits by helping them get more from their people. They are also creators of the Berke Assessment, an employment test used by managers seeking to hire great people. The Berke Assessment is the only pre-employment test that assesses the fit between a candidate and a job by measuring talents, personality and intelligence. They also offer web-based and on-site training to provide managers with the skills they need to effectively select, develop and maximize their employees.