She wears panda socks, educates our team with unlimited sloth facts, and designs awesome apps for our clients to use — she’s Becky, UX Designer, and this week’s SOLTECH Spotlight.

Becky came to SOLTECH by way of the Atlanta Zoo and Georgia Tech, but her work goes beyond the perimeter (and the Atlantic). She completed an internship at the Guggenheim in Venice, where she learned many useful skills, including how to say, “please don’t touch the artwork” and “pizza” in Italian.

Let’s learn a bit more about Becky…

What would you choose to be your last meal on Earth? Taco Bell bean burrito, my mom’s spotlightHawaiian burger, and a Levain chocolate chip cookie.

How would you explain your job to a child? My eight-year-old niece thought it was really cool that I help design apps and websites for usability and joy. I asked her if she thought it was cooler than my job at the zoo (she hung out with pandas for chrissake) and she said that we can always visit the zoo. The kid is going somewhere!

If you could choose to switch places with any living person for 1 day, who would you choose and why? It’s a toss-up between Oprah, Beyoncé, Jake Tapper, and Tina Fey. But you know, I love me some night cheese and goofing so I’ll pick Tina.

What makes the best pie filling? We had a Beverly Hills apple tree growing up southern California and my mom swore that it made it the best pies. I am not making up this name, I swear, I just googled it. We moved, and sadly, no more pies.

What would you name a band that only sings songs about technology? I’ll spare you my puns and just call it Radiohead. Because I love them, and OK Computer is fantastic and encompasses enough technology for it to work.

Pizza or tacos? This is Sophie’s choice and I decline to pick sides. They’re both perfect foods.

If you want to work with cool cats like Becky, check out our open positions. We’re always looking for creative, fun folks to join our team!

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