In software development, a sprint is a set stretch of time that a development team has to work on and complete specific tasks associated with a software project. Sprints are a way of breaking […]

Veanne Smith:  Hello and welcome to Atlanta Business Impact Radio. We’re your hosts, Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato. We’re excited to have our listeners join us for another episode of season three, where our […]

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Introducing Ann Mooney…  Ann has been with SOLTECH as a client lead (that’s our way of saying amazing client development folks) for just over a year. She’s an avid traveler, having lived in Cleveland, […]


For those looking for new tech talent, it’s no secret that the battle is fierce, and convincing developers to join your company is just the beginning. Top programmers are highly coveted and they know […]


Fixed-Price We have worked with hundreds of clients, and the first questions nearly everyone asks us is, “how much will this project cost?”. It’s an excellent question. It’s rare to find someone who has […]


If you’re looking for a cloud, don’t look up. Let Greg Main, Senior Software Engineer at SOLTECH, tell you why you should be looking at Microsoft Azure instead. Since its launch in 2010, Microsoft’s […]


unlocking your creative genius with strategic ideation Welcome to the seventh episode of season three, where we’re exploring innovation and talking with business leaders about how they have incorporated innovative approaches to the work they do. In […]

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One of the hardest things you need to tackle out of the gate when building a new software product with a software partner is how to compare software estimates. It is tempting to skim […]