We are excited to have SOLTECH’s Vice President, Veanne Smith be a guest speaker on this week’s Midtown Business Radio! Veanne was asked to share with the audience our SOLTECH story and why SOLTECH is […]


Imagine (if you can) a place without a stable distributed phone system. Every office, city, and home had their own phone system with a local switchboard. To call your kids for dinner upstairs you […]


Yahoo’s recent acquisition of MessageMe for $11.9 million is a hard line business decision, consistent with CEO Marissa Mayer’s aggressive acquisition strategy, and signals yet another example of how apps are not only changing the world, but making some app developers very rich […]


During most of my career, I have worked with HTML 4, created back in 1997, and XHTML 1.0 which came along in 2000. For over a decade, web interface developers have used HTML 4 […]


The key to long-term success with any server technology is to plan for failure. Amazon’s cloud infrastructure (the official name is Amazon Web Services or AWS) has a lot of advantages when compared to […]


As you know, it’s a mobile world! Our mobile devices and cell phones can do everything from giving you directions to holding digital boarding passes.  They contain all types of personal information, such as […]


Did you watch the news last week as extreme athlete, Felix Baumgartner, jumped off the edge of space from 127,000 feet?  It was such a daring and dramatic feat – one that took years […]


Imagine, a competitive framework to Web Forms that runs faster, is easier to develop, and has a 75% code footprint. Stop short, because it doesn’t exist. However, it does raise concern to some […]


As sacrilegious as it may seem to zealots on either side of the aisle, the ability to combine C#’s hallmark rapid development capabilities with the renowned stability and security of Unix can be a […]