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Code Schools: An Overview of Atlanta’s Programming Boot Camps

Just how technology is ever-changing, so is our way of educating. While the traditional method of going to a four-year university and earning a bachelor’s degree is still a popular choice, some folks are looking for alternative routes to reach their education and career goals. Going through a code school or boot camp is one of those ways.

In the past, the term boot camp was typically referred to as a strenuous, result-focused, short-term session of workouts. You instantly think of an army-like environment, right?

Nowadays, boot camps are what folks are calling an immersive code school program. Across the country, you’ll find dozens of popular choices in coding boot camps such as App Academy, General Assembly, Thinkful, Ironhack and DigitalCrafts.

For students who want to fast-track themselves into a career of coding, this has been a common choice.

While each code school varies, most range from 6 to 12 weeks where the students attend Monday through Friday and code upwards of 70 hours per week. These programs aren’t for those who are looking for a quick fix to a career as the effort and determination must be present. The upside to taking a course such as this is that many of the code schools claim you’ll graduate career-ready for a junior level development position.

At SOLTECH, we’re big fans of our local boot camps. In fact, several members of our engineering team are code school graduates. Because we support the work code schools do and have seen first hand the talent that emerges from these courses, I would like to introduce you to some of Atlanta’s finest code schools.

1. Big Nerd Ranch

If you have some programming experience under your belt and are looking to grow your stack or go from back-end to front-end development, then pack your bags and head to the Ranch. A bit unconventional, Big Nerd Ranch’s program is more like a week-long coding sleepaway camp than a traditional classroom experience.

2. Code Career Academy 

Although it’s technically OTP (that’s ‘outside the perimeter’ for y’all non-ATLiens), we think Code Career Academy deserves a mention for their full-time and part-time full stack web development programs. Unlike most boot camp classes, CCA caps their class size at 12 students, to ensure their future tech stars are getting plenty of valuable one on one time with their instructors.

3. DigitalCrafts

Located in Buckhead at Atlanta Tech Village, a startup hub with tenants like YikYak, Calendly, and SalesLoft, DigitalCrafts is surrounded by brilliant company (networking opportunities!).DigitalCrafts offers full-time and part-time full stack programs and, unlike most other code schools, they offer evening elective courses! No, not Organic Gardening 101. Past electives have included stuff like UX Design and Native iOS App Development.

4. General Assembly

General Assembly has a little (or a lotta) something for everyone. Not only do they offer full-time, immersive programs in web development, UX, iOS, and Andriod development, but their workshop offerings are valuable to folks who aren’t into writing code. They range from data analytics to learning how to use WordPress and lots in between.

5. Georgia Tech Coding Boot Camp

Of course, Georgia Tech has a coding school! How could they not? Georgia Tech Professional Education created a 24-week boot camp that takes students through nearly every facet of the development cycle. And when you’re through, you’ll have a certificate of completion from one of the most well-respected universities in the United States! That should look nice on your resume.

6. Tech Talent South

Atlanta was Tech Talent South’s first, but we weren’t the last. These days, you can find TTS campuses in cities such as Asheville, Charlotte, Dallas, New Orleans, and a few others. With Georgia Tech and ATDC right around the corner, TTS students find themselves in the epicenter of Atlanta innovation while they’re learning to program. Whether you’re attending the part-time or full-time code immersion program or are just getting started in their Intro to Web Design course, you’re sure to find inspo around every corner.

7. Thinkful

While your typical code school requires loads of classroom time, Thinkful is challenging online-only naysayers by creating an immersive, full-time program completed entirely online. So, they let you take classes anywhere,  but do you get tuition sticker shock when trying to decide on a code school? At Thinkful, you don’t pay until you have a job. But don’t get too excited. With up to 6 months of career services after you graduate, that shouldn’t take very long.


Last year, Atlanta was ranked number 3 among U.S. cities destined to become a ‘tech mecca’. That’s in part because the number of jobs available to software developers is soaring much faster than the national average. If you’re considering a move into software development, now is the time.

We’re always keeping an eye out for passionate and brilliant team players who want to help build the future of tech.

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