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software development process


In this article, we explain the main phases of the software development process. This workflow underpins nearly all software development, so understanding it is especially important. Software Development Roadmap: The Big Picture What is […]

technology staffing firm, buy-in


It’s well-known that custom software projects are always full of surprises. Whether it’s budget overages, delays, or the project keeps getting larger and larger, Even the best-planned software projects run into trouble from time […]

Problems hiring individual small firm develop software, onshore offshore development, project managers


Project Managers may not contribute to lines of code being written or software being tested, but they are critical to a software project’s success, no matter the size. Below are five main reasons you should […]

user experience


Over the years, we’ve worked with companies and individuals to develop and design profitable custom software. One part of the design process that many people overlook is user experience research, although it’s an incredibly […]

technical debt


What is Technical Debt? When software developers are unable to address quirks and small issues within a software application, and then eventually those small problems manifest themselves into a bigger, more expensive problem, that […]



Today’s markets are highly competitive. The only way to stay ahead is to create a business structure that facilitates productivity, spends money wisely, and creates a work environment that is conducive to happy, successful […]



What is better than a website you can flawlessly view on any screen size? A responsive website is smart, courteous, compelling, and, as it turns out, is great for business. You’re able to view […]

developer, web application


For many people, a website is what pops up when you type a URL into your browser. But, not every URL you visit is actually a website. Sometimes you’re visiting a web application. This […]

software firm


    Written by: Scott Burkey, SOLTECH’s Project Lead. He focuses on aligning web app solutions with business strategy, industry realities, and user experience.   When engaging a software firm there are absolutely some […]

user persona


Before beginning a new software project, it’s important that product owners understand who will be using their new software, and why. Creating user personas allows delivery of the most relevant and desired features to […]

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