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By: Soltech

Time management doesn’t really exist.  If you are truly wanting to get more done with your day, you have to first ask, “How honest am I willing to be with myself.” And by honest, I mean […]


By: Soltech

  Last week, I wrote Writing Your Resume: How to Get Noticed. As a follow up, I’ve put together the top tips I recommend to hiring managers and Recruiters for when they are reviewing the […]


By: Soltech

In an interview, both the company and the candidate are asking questions to qualify each other. The company wants to learn if you can fulfill their needs, and you want to ensure the position […]


By: Soltech

5,280. That is the approximate number of resumes my team has reviewed over the past two weeks. I would love to tell you that every resume is read from the bottom up with significant […]


By: Soltech

“Tim, I think this opportunity is a perfect fit for you. Would you like to move forward?” “No, thank you. It isn’t something I am interested in at this time. The position isn’t a […]


By: Soltech

Having a successful interview isn’t rocket science, but it does require that you take action and focus your energy on the right things. Often college graduates forget that they are empowered adults, and that […]


By: Soltech

As a job seeker, you probably have found yourself really wondering if you are doing all the right things (or any of the wrong things) to land the perfect job. And since there are […]

By: Soltech

With the start of a new year, it is a great time to take stock of where you are in life and in your career.  Think about your current role- did you plan to […]


By: Soltech

IT staffing in 2014 saw a greater demand for experienced technical talent such as mid to senior software developers, technical architects, development managers and development leads.  This increased demand continued to put candidates in the driving seat […]


By: Soltech

Tim Sanders says your network is your net worth.  At what other time could this be truer than when you are looking for a new job opportunity?  Most candidates we speak to understand that […]

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