Mobile Strategy

Conceptualize, validate and plan your mobile solutions


Visual Design

Create and design an interactive user experience, and an appealing visual design


App Engineering

Engineer, build, and test your mobile apps — then launch and manage it

What could mobility mean for your business?

As a company, when you evaluate your products and services, do you consider the role of mobile technology? Mobile apps are changing the way our society operates. Now more than ever, we are accustomed to conducting our lives through our devices with immediate, on-the-go access to information and services. What could mobility mean for your business?

Working with SOLTECH means avoiding the guess-work and re-work of building a mobile solution. Our clients both big and small, have asked us to help them:

  • Determine a mobile strategy
  • Build a consumer application for the app store
  • Take an existing web application and enable it for mobile
  • Mobile-enable a remote sales, customer service or field service workforce
  • Create a customized mobile operating system that locks down a mobile device
  • Deploy an internal facing, enterprise mobile solution for employees

The rundown on mobile technology

Although we love technology, we believe that technology should be selected to fit the app, and not the other way around. There are a lot of approaches to mobile development, and none of them offer a one-size-fits-all solution.  Because there are multiple mobile platforms/operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) and screen sizes, your application should be designed with a particular target in mind. That is why SOLTECH actively recommends and implements mobile solutions using the best development approach that fit your need, so that your mobile solution will look great to your users and carry you into the future.

Today there are three main mobile approaches to mobile development:

  • Responsive design
  • Native development 
  • Cross-platform technologies

Each of these approaches has their pros and cons.  A responsively designed website means your webpages will look great no matter what device (computer, tablet, phone) it is viewed on, but it isn’t a true mobile app.  Native development gives you complete freedom to design the app you want, but it means you will have to duplicate that effort for each operating system (Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows 8), which can be expensive and create a maintenance headache.  Unifying technologies provides a middle ground with a real mobile app and a single development effort but there are some limitations on what the platform can support.

Mobile development is a very dynamic landscape with constantly evolving technologies. SOLTECH is proud to maintain a diverse mobile team of experts that include specialists in iOS, Android, HTML5, Responsive Design, and mobile frameworks like PhoneGap and Xamarin.

Let’s connect!

If you are interested in working with SOLTECH on a mobile solution for your business, Let us know. We invite all of our clients in for an initial free consultation to earn your business, and to get you started in the right direction.