Inbound marketing covers the methods and processes that enable companies to leverage Blogs, e-Books, White Papers, Video, Webinars, Feeds, AdWords, Social Networks and many other emerging technologies. If your company has a great product and the tools necessary to communicate your message, you can leverage the full range of inbound marketing tools to compete with even the largest corporate marketing budgets.

Considering that no two businesses are the same, a typical inbound marketing program is comprised of a selection of activities to suit the nature of the marketing challenge. SOLTECH has developed a detailed roadmap of typical activities.

Search Engine Optimization The process of improving a website’s organic, non-paid visibility in search engines. Search engines rank your site on a number of factors and SEO is used to manipulate your site structure and content to conform to those factors.

Search Engine Marketing Describes the practice of purchasing and leveraging paid search listings. This process covers the full spectrum of preparing a paid campaign through determination of its effectiveness. Search engines give priority to ads with a higher likelihood of triggering a click due to the higher potential of generating revenue. SEM requires continual work to ensure that your ads are more clickable than your competitors.

Social Media Optimization When communities of customers begin to talk about your content, that content becomes more valuable. SMO leverages social media platforms to generate excitement about your message.

Ongoing Support Inbound marketing is not just a one time, quick fix. Search Engines continue to look for AdWord relevance, page conversion and dynamically changing content. Dedication is required to continuously monitor industry best practices to adjust ad campaigns to gain maximum leverage for advertising dollars. SOLTECH engages with its clients on an annual basis to keep campaigns relevant.

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