Let us manage your infrastructure so you can manage your business.

More and more of our client’s find they prefer to focus on their core business by outsourcing their IT infrastructure to an IT partner they can trust.  As the hosting options available on the marketplace have become better and more diverse through cloud-based infrastructures, our clients rely on us to help them take advantage of cloud technologies.  Here are some of the reasons why our clients consider moving their business to the cloud:

  • Be able to scale up and down server capacity as it is needed
  • Avoid the upfront capital investment in hardware and the time it takes to install and configure servers on-site or at a co-location, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the servers
  • Take advantage of low on-going costs through affordable pricing that cloud-hosting providers can offer due to economies of scale.  Also take advantage of better software licensing fees
  • Have access to almost unlimited storage and not worry about running out of space or increasing storage space capacity
  • Business continuity support and the ability to failover to servers in a different zone or quickly stand up a new server with better backup and recovery options
  • The ability to access infrastructure, systems and data easily and from anywhere in the world
  • Global availability with an easy way of deploying applications to different zones all-over the world
  • Focus resources on the business and not maintaining and managing infrastructure
  • The ability to stand up temporary environments and take them down as needed for client demonstrations or testing sites

While cloud technologies offer opportunities to companies that were previously unavailable, it is a paradigm shift that requires a different set of skills and toolsets to realize the benefits.  SOLTECH was an early adopter of cloud technologies and has not only deployed many applications to the cloud but also has a team of cloud specialists that monitor and manage cloud applications on behalf of our clients. As a part of our managed hosting service, our team provides monitoring, maintenance and support of your software solution onto various cloud platform providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Cloud.

SOLTECH’s hosting solutions are powered by the cloud, but managed locally here by our team in Atlanta, GA.  Whether you currently have your own cloud account and need help initially to get the right setup and configuration or you need a partner who can do it all and provide on-going management and monitoring, we understand what it takes to make the cloud work for your business and are here to help.

If you are ready to take advantage of the cloud to host your application or infrastructure then please contact us to learn more about the setup and ongoing management services SOLTECH offers.


The most secure cloud solution is powered by best in class technology and high performance servers, compliant with all regulations and requirements, also include complete service and maintenance.

Our cloud infrastructure means you’re protected from threats, as our intelligent security platform blocks and records attacks in real time.


As your business grows, so should the performance of your cloud infrastructure. SOLTECH delivers scalable cloud hosting solutions to ensure your operations continue to run seamlessly with growth, without affecting its reliability.


Our infrastructure that we have chosen exceeds the compliance mandates and provides our clients with a high level of secure compliant cloud hosting. Protecting healthcare and eCommerce developments from the risk of cybercrime, hacking and loss of data is our top priority.


Every client receives assistance on their infrastructure, real-time visibility into the secure cloud services, proactive system security and infrastructure monitoring and capable incident response by our technology experts at SOLTECH.

Want to learn more?  Please send us a request for information or contact us at 404.601.6000 or info@soltech.net