Game Changers Start Here

If you are looking to change the game with a new software product then you’re in the right place.  Every visionary needs a top-notch product development team to bring their ideas to life and there’s never been a better time to bring a new product idea to the marketplace.  With the growth of mobile application demand, software as a service (SaaS) business models and the awesome scalability of cloud computing, it’s an exciting time to launch new product offerings.  Some of our most common requests include:

  • Entrepreneurs and Start-up ventures bringing a new software product to the marketplace
  • Established firms that are looking to productize an existing service they offer into a more self-service format
  • New mobile applications to either supplement an existing web or client application or to offer a new application experience altogether
  • A major update to an existing application and user base to catch up with technology or to reface existing logic with a new user experience
  • An idea needs to be flushed out and estimated before gaining investor backing

SolTech has been working with visionary clients to build software products since 1998 and we’ve developed a game changing development process of our own that has been instrumental in ensuring the repeated success of our clients’ new product development initiatives.  It is a process that we strongly believe and invest in.  From developing your ideas more fully into an innovative product design to building your system brick by brick using sound software architecture principles and solid project management practices, our process will get you there.  At the center is our philosophy of regular communication so that at each phase, we deliver to the highest quality and exceed your expectations while staying in line with budget expectations.

We’d love to hear about your new product idea!  Even if you are very early in the process one of our Solution Architects can help you flush out the technical details and offer ideas for implementation approaches.  Please contact us to get the conversation started.