The cornerstone of SOLTECH’s strategic consulting practice is helping our clients identify solutions to real-world business challenges. Over the past 13 years, SOLTECH has found that our customers are passionate and knowledgeable about their businesses and need an equally passionate and capable technology partner. SOLTECH knows technology as well as you know your business and together we can create incredible solutions that drive real business value. A great solution is one that is flawlessly executed according to plan but first you need a great plan!

At its core, solution definition refers to the process SOLTECH follows to help our clients evaluate approaches for addressing an identified business goal and developing a clear, tangible and documented technology solution for achieving that goal. The solution documented as part of the solution definition effort is not only documented but can also be estimated and provides the basis for subsequent implementation phases of work. A typical solution definition effort will include the following key activities:
  • Discuss an identified business need or opportunity in business terms and translate that to technical requirements
  • Identify if there are any pre-existing solutions that fill the identified business need or if custom software will be needed
  • Follow an iterative joint application design approach for detailing a complete solution that can be reviewed and approved by knowledgeable business stakeholders
  • Translate the solution to an actionable plan for implementation by a technical team of software engineers
  • Provide a detailed estimation for the level of effort and cost required to implement a proposed solution.
SOLTECH uses a number of techniques for documenting the final business solution with a preference for high impact, visual documents that are easily reviewed by business stakeholders. We have a dedicated team of solution architects who are happy to speak with you to share any past project experiences as you evaluate potential technology partners.
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