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SOLTECH has been using free open source, and commercial open source components to enrich client solutions while saving significant development dollars.  As economy related pressures begin to effect corporate budgets, every effort is made to ensure that valuable resources are not assigned to re-investing code that has already been developed, tested and debugged. Open source software libraries can significantly reduce the time spend on software engineering projects. Besides simple saving on software libraries, commercial open source software platforms for MRP, ERP and CRM are maturing at a rapid rate and have become worthy of consideration. SOLTECH offers significant experience and depth of skills relating to the selection, integration, extension and application of open source technologies.

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Technology Assessment

Is your company discussing the possibility of implementing a new technology solution to accomplish your critical business objectives? Perhaps your current technology solution with the addition of new functionality is sufficient enough to meet your needs. Not quite sure where your company’s current technology solution stands? Allow SOLTECH’s consultants to help you with any of these questions by providing a Technology Assessment to determine how the use of current or future technologies can assist in accomplishing your latest business goals.

The Technology Assessment will lead your team through a process to clarify what your company has in place today, identify performance gaps, determine what you wish to accomplish and define goals for the project solution. The assessment can be performed based on existing software you wish to reuse, extend or replace, as well as for an entirely new application whereby no existing software has been put in place. Once an understanding of your business needs has been realized, SOLTECH’s consultants can provide an invaluable service by sharing their knowledge of technology and solutions which will allow your team to understand every possible alternative. Upon completion of the assessment, a detailed solution and estimate are communicated presenting the necessary steps to produce the defined solution.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing covers the methods and processes that enable companies to leverage Blogs, e-Books, White Papers, Video, Webinars, Feeds, AdWords, Social Networks and many other emerging technologies. If your company has a great product and the tools necessary to communicate your message, you can leverage the full range of inbound marketing tools to compete with even the largest corporate marketing budgets.

Considering that no two businesses are the same, a typical inbound marketing program is comprised of a selection of activities to suit the nature of the marketing challenge. SOLTECH has developed a detailed roadmap of typical activities.

Search Engine Optimization The process of improving a website’s organic, non-paid visibility in search engines. Search engines rank your site on a number of factors and SEO is used to manipulate your site structure and content to conform to those factors.

Search Engine Marketing Describes the practice of purchasing and leveraging paid search listings. This process covers the full spectrum of preparing a paid campaign through determination of its effectiveness. Search engines give priority to ads with a higher likelihood of triggering a click due to the higher potential of generating revenue. SEM requires continual work to ensure that your ads are more clickable than your competitors.

Social Media Optimization When communities of customers begin to talk about your content, that content becomes more valuable. SMO leverages social media platforms to generate excitement about your message.

Ongoing Support Inbound marketing is not just a one time, quick fix. Search Engines continue to look for AdWord relevance, page conversion and dynamically changing content. Dedication is required to continuously monitor industry best practices to adjust ad campaigns to gain maximum leverage for advertising dollars. SOLTECH engages with its clients on an annual basis to keep campaigns relevant.

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Product Evaluation & Selection

When it comes to choosing the right technology product to meet required business needs, there are many approaches to yield a great solution, but is it the perfect solution? Many of our clients have the knowledge and resources available to determine which technology products possess their capability requirements; however, the capabilities of a product are not the only attributes to take into consideration. Does the product fit within your current technology architecture? How will the product interact with existing applications? Is your existing server solution adequate to support the product?

SOLTECH’s technology consultants can establish the criteria needed to make a full assessment of the product in consideration by assisting your team in a product analysis through compare/contrast and pro/con methodologies. Following completion of the product evaluation, SolTech will provide recommendations on the product with the overall best fit in terms of technology soundness from an implementation perspective.

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Technology Roadmap

Many companies have developed an overall business strategy but often times are unsure how to translate their strategy into the implementation of technology. A technology roadmap provides your business with a segmented stepwise approach to achieve your company’s business goals for the long term. This document provides an extremely high level and well defined map to compare future progress against a long term technology plan. A technology roadmap does not define specific projects as it relates to your business; instead it focuses more on your strategy and technology goals as a whole.

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Solution Definition

The cornerstone of SOLTECH’s strategic consulting practice is helping our clients identify solutions to real-world business challenges. Over the past 13 years, SolTech has found that our customers are passionate and knowledgeable about their businesses and need an equally passionate and capable technology partner. SolTech knows technology as well as you know your business and together we can create incredible solutions that drive real business value. A great solution is one that is flawlessly executed according to plan but first you need a great plan!

At its core, solution definition refers to the process SOLTECH follows to help our clients evaluate approaches for addressing an identified business goal and developing a clear, tangible and documented technology solution for achieving that goal. The solution documented as part of the solution definition effort is not only documented but can also be estimated and provides the basis for subsequent implementation phases of work. A typical solution definition effort will include the following key activities:

  • Discuss an identified business need or opportunity in business terms and translate that to technical requirements
  • Identify if there are any pre-existing solutions that fill the identified business need or if custom software will be needed
  • Follow an iterative joint application design approach for detailing a complete solution that can be reviewed and approved by knowledgeable business stakeholders
  • Translate the solution to an actionable plan for implementation by a technical team of software engineers
  • Provide a detailed estimation for the level of effort and cost required to implement a proposed solution.

SOLTECH uses a number of techniques for documenting the final business solution with a preference for high impact, visual documents that are easily reviewed by business stakeholders. We have a dedicated team of solution architects who are happy to speak with you to share any past project experiences as you evaluate potential technology partners.
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