Keep your software evolving

Your businesses doesn’t stay the same, so why should your software? It is a popular belief that software support is only concerned with fixing the occasional bug. But software ages over time, and one of the ways of extending the longevity of your investment is through regular maintenance and enhancements.

SOLTECH provides a number of application support plans to keep your applications running for your business.
It doesn’t matter if your application was built by us or not. We are happy to work with you to keep your software relevant and to make it last.

When your project is in trouble

It is not uncommon for a software project to get off track. Unless it is finished, software is not very tangible, so it can be hard for a product owner, especially without a technology background, to know if your software: will meet the company’s needs, is being built well, is on track and on budget. Also, your software partner and development team should be aligned with your company goals, objectives and communication style to be truly successful.

If you are concerned about your project and feel it may be in trouble, let us know. We help product owners evaluate their in-flight development projects from several angles such as technology selection, requirement documentation, design quality and effectiveness at meeting the project goals, usability, code quality, project management and scheduling. Projects can fail or be halted for a number of reasons, and it is important to determine issues early on to minimize budget and schedule impacts.

When a client asks us to take over their software project, we execute a project recovery process that include these steps:

  • Redefine project goals
  • Take over the code and management of the project
  • Provide a clear blueprint of next steps
  • Identify the pressing requirements, technology and process issues and bottlenecks
  • Establish a new plan of action
  • Provide a new expectation of quality and delivery
  • Iteratively implement and review with client

It is important to us that at each stage of a project rescue, you have constant communication. We want to insure that you have complete peace of mind that you can trust your project completion to SOLTECH, with the highest quality.

The SOLTECH Transition Process

To enable SOLTECH to take over support of your existing application or one in-flight, with minimal disruption or risk to your business, we have developed a painless process to transition your application to our team.  During the transition process SOLTECH will obtain to your source code, database and other necessary components so that we can build and deploy the application to our local testing environment.  With your help, we confirm all the pieces are in place and working with the latest version of your code so that we can start to support your application and so you can safely remove ties with your existing vendor.  From this point on, how we help you is your call.

SOLTECH offers four different support plans to meet your needs as well as a code and architecture assessment, mini-projects or a complete project rescue service to get your software to where it needs to be. In every case, when you make a support request we will provide you with an estimate and give you full visibility into how the project will be completed. Our interactive, iterative approach includes approvals and frequent communication throughout the process so there are no surprises and you are comfortable with the end solution.

Whether you have an exhaustive list of backlogged support items already in need of completion, or you just want to engage a new partner for future work, SOLTECH has a mature project transition and support process to address your needs.

Let’s connect!

If you are interested in working with SOLTECH to support your software, Let us know. We invite all of our clients in for an initial free consultation to earn your business, and to get you started in the right direction.