Analytics refers to the use of data collected from a web site to determine which aspects of the website work towards specified business objectives. SOLTECH utilizes various Analytics tools such as Urchin and Google Analytics to determine metrics for clients to ensure their web facing side of the business delivers according to their business plan. Data collected generally includes web traffic reports, e-mail response rates, direct mail campaign data, sales & lead information, user performance data such as click funnels, or other custom metrics as necessary. This data is typically compared against key indicators for performance, and used to improve ROI.

Developer Perspective

A clothing manufacturer sent thousands of outbound emails promoting their products but was unable to determine and track how the campaign translated to sales. Google urchin and analytics platforms were used to embed correct tags in the email source which were then able to track visitors from origin down to the campaign level to see which e-mail triggered the sale. This level of marketing feedback provided a critical role in enabling the client to determine how to allocate their resources.