Complex Website Update

Case Study


IAHI Owners Association provides membership services to the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) owners across the country. The association hoped to make some major enhancements to their web infrastructure and had outgrown their existing IT vendor.

Business Challenge

With the large web infrastructure IAHI had created, it was important to bring on a vendor they could trust to make enhancements to the three entities that made up their web ecosystem. The membership net – a web application used to run their business storing pertinent information regarding their members, – the front end website designed to service and educate the public on their organization, and – their member’s only website.

“Dealing with everyone on your team has been such a pleasure. I couldn’t tell you how pleased I am with the whole process. I would say the experience was pleasant and continues to be pleasant. We always recommend you guys.”


Custom Software Development, Application & Infrastructure Support, Strategic Consulting, System Integration, Product Development


IAHI, the Owners’ Association, is comprised of fellow franchise owners of the InterContinental Hotels Group throughout the world. IAHI works hand-in-hand to improve the profitability of their hotels, strengthen their systems, and exchange ideas and best practices. The IAHI represents the interests of nearly 3,000 owners and operators of InterContinental Hotels Group hotel brands. The Association works together with InterContinental Hotels Group to maintain the highest professional hospitality standards for its brands.


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