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Our AI and Machine Learning services are designed to assist organizations in leveraging these transformative technologies. We provide end-to-end support, from strategy development to deployment, ensuring that your AI and ML initiatives align with your business goals and deliver tangible outcomes. Discover how our services can drive your success.


AI/ML Strategy & Roadmap

Our AI/ML Strategy & Roadmap service begins with evaluation of your business challenges and opportunities where the advanced analysis and predication capabilities of AI/ML can create the most value. With your business strategy leading the way, we will focus on developing a comprehensive strategy and step-by-step roadmap for incorporating AI and machine learning (ML) within your organization. The strategy and roadmap will help you identify meaningful opportunities to integrate AI/ML technologies seamlessly into your customer facing solutions and internal operations.

AI Education for Business & Technology Leaders

Empower your business and technology leaders with our AI Education services, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI and ML technologies. We understand that integrating these advanced technologies is not just about staying competitive; it’s about pioneering new ways of operation, enhancing efficiency, and driving growth.

Our AI Education Sessions are designed to help your business navigate transformation with a strategic and methodical approach. Tailored specifically for business leaders, these sessions cover the latest advancements in AI technologies and their applications for informed decision-making, optimizing operations, solving complex problems, and creating AI-powered products. Interactive elements capture your team’s ideas and reactions, while also addressing limitations, risks, and regulatory considerations to guide your AI governance and keep your organization ahead of the curve. Explore more about our AI Education offering.

AI Suitability Assessment

The effectiveness of AI and ML solutions relies heavily on the quality and availability of data and its ability to support strategic analysis, data mining and predictive analytics. Our AI Suitability Assessment begins by reviewing the target business objectives where AI/ML solutions could generate high business return on investment. Once the target business use cases have been defined, our team meticulously analyzes the availability, quality, and appropriateness of your data to ensure it can support the AI/ML initiatives. By doing so, we help you identify any gaps or issues that could hinder the success of your AI projects before you spend energy, time and money on an implementation effort with low probability of success.

Our AI Suitability Assessment focuses on several critical areas to ensure the success of your AI projects. Firstly, we assess your existing data sources to determine their sufficiency for AI and ML applications, identifying any missing data essential for your projects. Additionally, we conduct a thorough examination of your data’s quality and completeness, identifying inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or gaps that need to be addressed to enhance data reliability. Lastly, we analyze the appropriateness of your data for specific AI projects by evaluating its relevance and compatibility with your intended AI applications, ensuring that your data aligns with project goals and effectively supports AI-driven insights.

AI/ML Data Preparation

Achieving success in AI and machine learning hinges on the quality, completeness, and volume of your training data. Our AI/ML Data Preparation service prepares your data for modeling, ensuring it’s clean, well-structured, ready for analysis, and appropriate for your target AI/ML model. We focus on removing noise and inconsistencies to create a pristine dataset. By transforming your data into a usable format, we make it accessible and applicable to various analytical processes. Our service also involves extracting the most relevant features, allowing you to identify key variables crucial for effective modeling.

Our comprehensive approach to data preparation lays the groundwork for your AI and machine learning projects, setting them up for success from the very start. By focusing on thorough cleaning, precise transformation, targeted feature extraction, and careful scaling, we turn raw data into a powerful asset for your business.

Model Selection, Development & Training

We can help you build and train machine learning models to assist with complex data analysis, predictive modeling or real-time decisioning within your enterprise technology solutions. Leveraging our deep expertise across a spectrum of algorithms, including regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning, we ensure that the models we select, train, and deploy are perfectly aligned with your objectives. Our process begins with selecting the most suitable algorithm for your specific problem, setting the stage for creating models that are both relevant and effective. We then focus on developing these models to precisely fit your business requirements, ensuring they are tailored to deliver optimal results. Once the models are built, we rigorously train and test them to validate accurate and reliable performance, empowering your business to harness the full potential of machine learning.

In every step of our service, from choosing the appropriate algorithm and curating the training data to the detailed development and intensive training of the models, we are committed to providing solutions that make a meaningful impact on your business. Our goal is to equip you with robust, well-trained models that drive efficiency and innovation, helping you tackle complex business challenges with confidence.

Model Integration & Deployment

Our Model Integration & Deployment service is designed to seamlessly implement your machine learning models into production, ensuring they become a functional part of your daily operations. We focus on integrating these models with your existing software, systems, or workflows, enabling real-time decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency. From the initial deployment phase, where we ensure your models are effectively placed into production environments, to the intricate process of integrating them with your current systems, we cover all aspects to ensure smooth and efficient operations. This integration allows your models to provide immediate and actionable insights, facilitating real-time inference that empowers your business with instant and informed decision-making capabilities.

Our approach to model integration and deployment is comprehensive and ensures that your machine learning models not only function within your existing framework but also enhance it. By embedding these models into your operational processes, we enable your business to leverage AI for improved efficiency and smarter decision-making, creating a seamless transition from development to operational use.

“SOLTECH helped identify logic gaps in our synthetic data. We were building data; they were trying to make sense of it all and called out gaps that we hadn’t recognized yet."

VP of Emerging Technologies, InComm

Why Choose Our AI and Machine Learning Services?

AI and Machine Learning are valuable tools for tackling challenges that have been historically to challenging or complex for traditional approaches. In the modern business environment, AI/ML solutions are becoming increasingly critical for staying competitive, driving innovation, and managing operational costs. Our services provide comprehensive support from strategy development to deployment, ensuring your AI and ML initiatives align with your business goals and deliver measurable outcomes. Whether you aim to optimize costs, boost operational efficiency, or create AI-powered products, our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Data Tech Stacks We Work With

Technologies are the tools we use to deliver great data & analytic solutions. Our team knows which technologies work best in each scenario, and work with you to balance the needs of your project with the long-term needs of your organization.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Polly

Amazon Translate

Amazon Forecast

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Cognitive Services (Text)

Azure Cognitive Services (Computer Vision)

Azure Cognitive Services (Speech to Text)

Azure Cognitive Services (Translator)

Azure Machine Learning Forecasting


Case Study: Personalized Healthcare With AI Data-Driven Insights

InComm chose SOLTECH to create a proof of concept using patient data to provide meaningful insights to health plan providers through AI/ML analysis. These insights aim to help providers better serve their clients, reduce client loss, and improve overall plan ratings. Despite challenges like the lack of real data and open-ended project goals, SOLTECH progressed effectively, preparing for future project phases. Their innovative approach seamlessly integrated AI/ML methodologies with hypothesis-driven analysis and interactive visualizations via PowerBI.