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Case Study

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Santa Cruz Community Ventures (SCCV) uses community relationships and coaching to helps clients with long-term, high-impact life changes while also providing supplemental financial support from financial programs like Children Savings Accounts, which are made possible through donations and engagement of partners and donors.

It is important to SCCV’s mission to track interactions and life events with clients both for fostering strong relationships and to track key milestones necessary for the execution of its community programs, such as their reward program that rewards good behavior in the community by putting money into a college fund when someone participates.

Business Challenge

SCCV launched a program that would create a college savings account for every newborn in the country and allow for additional milestones on the account based on each child, their enrolment in Pre-K, etc. They needed a way to monitor and follow those interactions for each client account.

SCCV needed to deploy a program that would scale up in volume relatively quickly and ensure that the platform would help them create and integrate a system to better follow their client relationships through each milestone, such as properly tracking risk assessment at each step of their client’s journey through 6-12 months.

SCCV had initially explored other Salesforce partners that were offering similar tracking platforms geared towards larger companies. However, being that SCCV was a smaller company with their first 500 clients, they didn’t have the volume or need for a large application, and instead needed one that would be able to support fast growth and scale to do a large integration in the future.

They needed a technology solution that could help them achieve the following primary business objectives:

• Capture information about clients which included both individuals and households, which include individuals and businesses/organizations.

• Track relationships and activities such as conversations, calls, emails, general interactions, etc.

• Track donor relationships and donations including how donor contributions are applied to individual client financial accounts.

• Track programs and their associated milestones for each individual progressing through a program and automate system actions to occur automatically when a milestone is achieved.

• Help internal staff with the creation of a single view/single source of truth of clients, relationships and program tracking and avoid the potential for siloed information and manually tracked spreadsheets.

• Support the SCCV staff with a cloud-based, mobile friendly solution that can be used in the field to access, enter information and provide reports and a dashboard building solution.

The program would need to scale up in volume quickly and also help them create and integrate a system to better follow their client relationships through each milestone.

“SOLTECH came up with a good solution that worked for us at the time and gave us the freedom to grow. They were very responsive and knowledgeable. They understood the software well and found the best way to implement the software for us. They adapted quickly and addressed the concerns that we had.”

– Executive Director, SCCV


SCCV had found a 3rd party extension of Salesforce that they were considering implementing but the cost was high, and development had restrictions. After analysis of their need, we were able to quickly recommend a more flexible and cost-efficient solution that was scalable to future needs and customizations as SCCV would grow.

SOLTECH worked with SCCV to implement and customize Nonprofit Cloud with Nonprofit Success Pack. The solution was implemented within the timeframe that was agreed upon.


SCCV’s goal was to implement a good structure to receive data and lay a foundation for their team to get started on and familiar with. We were able to help them build this foundation and also implemented a support package for them to create and manage reports. Making sure that their staff understood the roles and where they fit within the software, was part of the implementation and another key element of our work.

SCCV anticipates that there will be a phase two of the project. Once their team dives into the new program they will reassess their need for additional specialized processes and customizations.

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