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Case Study

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Northside Women’s Specialists (NWS) is part of Obstetrix, the nation’s largest provider of pediatric subspecialty and obstetric service hospital in the United States. NWS offers medical expertise and state-of-the-art technology to ensure personalized attention.

Business Challenge

NWS needed to connect three local offices and build a local area network that could support a new ultrasound image storage system. Our consultants were part of the vendor selection and negotiation process as a non-biased third party. The organization selected GE Viewpoint. At the time, NWS was the largest customer in the US for GE Viewpoint.


The project required an update of infrastructure to interlink four remote offices into a cohesive network and digital conversion of a paper-based system to a comprehensive 100+ seat EMR system. Also included was the provision of application and infrastructure support and maintenance services.

We worked with NWS to define a technology roadmap that was in synch with the growth aspirations of the company.

“It is difficult to find quality vendors in this volatile business environment. It is even more impressive to keep them long term. I am happy to continue to recommend SOLTECH as an IT vendor for many areas. I highly recommend SOLTECH. They are truly extraordinary IT partners.”

– Tanya Mack, NWS


We helped interpret hardware and technical requirements, negotiate the contract, and provided on-site support for the installation. Once deployed, we continued to provide recommendations and guidance, which resulted in clearer images and faster transmission speed for the medical providers. The outcome saved both time and money and produced higher quality patient ultrasound images. The implementation also included creating an HL7 interface that allowed the practice management system to interface with the new PACS system, saving valuable medical staff input and retrieval time.