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Case Study

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Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) is a Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) comprised of 20 Community Health Centers with over 190 clinic sites. CCMCN was founded as a non-profit organization in 1994 to respond pro-actively to the advent of mandatory Medicaid managed care and has evolved to a multi-faceted organization.

Business Challenge

CCMCN needed a new Care Management Platform. They had worked with two different vendors in the past to implement a comprehensive care management solution. However, after a year and a half, CCMCN still did not feel they had the right care management solution in place that could meet its full range of business needs.

With the assistance of SOLTECH, CCMCN evaluated many aspects of Health Cloud, including care management features, platform extensibility, and how best to integrate the platform with CCMCN’s sophisticated HL7 data aggregation and data warehousing solutions. A few of their strategic objectives included:

  • Provide an enterprise-class and full-featured care management solution that helps Care Managers ensure Community Members are getting appropriate and timely care.
  • Create a highly integrated system that aggregates multiple data sources to provide a single view of a Community Member and a single place for care coordination.
  • Create a multi-tenant platform solution that can serve multiple Care. Management Agencies and Care Managers while ensuring data access and visibility are controlled.
  • Implement an open platform that can be easily extended, via integration, with public-facing web portals and mobile applications.

CCMCN looked into using Salesforce Health Cloud and began engaging in vendor discussions. Salesforce recommended SOLTECH as a partner of choice to help CCMCN evaluate strategic, technical, and implementation aspects of evaluating a Health Cloud solution.


SOLTECH supported CCMCN initially by helping them evaluate the features and integration capabilities of the Health Cloud platform. Our team took time to understand CCMCN’s business objectives and laid out a proof of concept sufficient to demonstrate and evaluate the platform’s core features. Once the proof-of-concept was completed, CCMCN could move confidently into a broader and more complete implementation. In parallel with Health Cloud implementation, SOLTECH also assisted CCMCN with the design and development of bi-directional data integrations with CCMCN’s data warehouse of patient demographic, medical data, and the implementation of an external web portal using Community Cloud. Our team provided expertise in the following areas to support CCMCN’s switch to a Health Cloud based Care Management solution, and implementation of a Community Cloud powered web portal:

  • Business and technical strategy
  • Technical design and architecture
  • Subject matter expertise for Salesforce Health Cloud, Community Cloud, Tableau, and Platform customizations
  • Custom software development
  • Data integration
  • Data security for HIPAA compliance


SOLTECH helped CCMCN successfully plan, adapt, and integrate in preparation for their launch of a new Health Cloud based Care Management solution. We worked closely with the CCMCN team for demos, training, and platform maturation before rollout.

CCMCN is pleased with the resulting solution and that we were able to implement it while staying within their budget expectations.

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