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Haggai International is a global organization that provides leadership equipping and support for national leaders located in 188 nations. Haggai has significant workflows and processes required to evaluate, select, and logistically support the attendance of individuals at their global training events.

Business Challenge

Haggai used a variety of systems to manage the organization of their global training sessions and ongoing support of their trained leaders worldwide. The systems were written in outdated code and were not integrated, making management and data retrieval difficult. These challenges were negatively affecting the user experience of volunteers, leaders, and employees of Haggai around the world. Being able to communicate and coordinate with its alumni and leaders around the globe to fulfill Haggai’s mission was a priority. Haggai consulted with us about the difficulties they were facing and the need to streamline their applications and data.

While appreciating the value of a platform solution, they were concerned with the licensing costs associated with using it for a large group of volunteers.

Being a nonprofit, Haggai wanted to maximize the value of their investment in technology.

“Their high level of expertise has allowed them to produce a well-designed product in a short amount of time. I’ve worked with vendors who aren’t as skilled, and it’s taken them twice as long. SOLTECH, on the other hand, has quickly pulled the right resources to get it done efficiently.” – Bert Sams


Salesforce was the ideal choice to use to centralize all their data and communication with its alumni and leaders around the world. We resolved the licensing concern by creating an integrated extranet portal for the volunteers so that licenses would only be required for the core Haggai employee team.

We used Salesforce Sales Cloud with significant custom objection and custom workflow development to meet Haggai’s needs. The Salesforce customization was used to capture information about contacts (Applicants, Volunteers, Employees), applications, itineraries, events, and various interactions between data entities. With the use of record types, multiple security profiles, and permission sets, Salesforce customization allowed for seamless data flow throughout the organization. Additionally, we built an external web application for Haggai’s Applicants to access. This web application integrates directly with Salesforce to both present data from Salesforce and to update Salesforce with online selections.



Our Salesforce integration and customization allowed Haggai to capture all their information and have it be accessible throughout their organization. Optimizing their workflow and information gathering, allowed Haggai to eliminate time-wasting tasks and focus on their number one priority of training individuals throughout the world. We continue to work with Haggai on their Haggai Connect system, which will open up their systems to tens of thousands of its alumni and leaders worldwide.