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Stryten Energy, an innovative stored energy solutions provider based in Alpharetta, Georgia, partnered with SOLTECH to develop a cutting-edge solution for their vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) system. As a pivotal player in the transition to clean energy, Stryten Energy sought to create a dashboard that would display key performance indicators for every VRFB unit installed, providing valuable insights, and optimizing energy storage efficiency.

Business Challenge

Stryten Energy faced the challenge of effectively monitoring and analyzing the performance of their VRFB units, as well as swiftly fulfilling their division’s talent needs. They needed a centralized solution that could track key metrics and provide real-time data to ensure optimal performance and efficient energy storage. Additionally, they sought a trusted partner who could efficiently fill key positions on their team. To address these challenges, Stryten Energy turned to SOLTECH.

The collaboration aimed to develop a state-of-the-art dashboard for monitoring VRFB performance and to leverage SOLTECH’s strengths in talent acquisition to meet their hiring requirements. With SOLTECH’s expertise, Stryten Energy is aiming to lead the way in battery energy storage system technology while building a strong and capable team.

This project exemplifies how collaborative efforts can drive real-world advancements in long-duration energy storage, making a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

“The team at SOLTECH was incredibly responsive. They provided high levels of communication and achieved expectations.” – Scott Childers, VP of Essential Power, Stryten Energy


SOLTECH’s team, consisting of 6-10 employees, took on the responsibility of identifying qualified candidates through a comprehensive recruitment process. They leveraged their expertise and industry knowledge to source potential candidates, conduct interviews, and assess their skills and qualifications. The goal was to match the right candidates with the specific positions within Stryten Energy’s Essential Power division.

SOLTECH’s dedicated talent team successfully identified and hired six team members by focusing on consistent communication and flexibility throughout the hiring process. The solution provided by SOLTECH showcased their ability to find local or relocatable candidates where other recruiters had previously struggled. Their responsiveness and proactive approach stood out, ensuring that the talent acquisition process moved forward swiftly and effectively.

Throughout the project, communication between Stryten Energy and SOLTECH primarily took place through virtual meetings and email/messaging apps. This allowed for efficient collaboration and ensured that both parties remained aligned and up to date on the progress and status of the recruitment efforts

SOLTECH is not only known for their IT staffing solutions, but also their software solutions. SOLTECH’s team, consisting of our Solution Architect, Software Engineer, and Project Lead, collaborated closely with Stryten Energy to create a comprehensive dashboard for their VRFB system. The solution involved gathering data from each installed unit and utilizing advanced analytics to provide valuable insights into performance, energy storage capacity, and maintenance needs. The VRFB dashboard developed for Stryten Energy by SOLTECH serves as a repository of information, displaying key performance indicators that enable Stryten Energy to monitor and optimize the performance of their VRFB units. This cutting-edge solution provides real-time data visualization, alerts, and predictive analytics, empowering Stryten Energy to make informed decisions and maximize the efficiency and reliability of its battery energy storage system.


The relationship with SOLTECH has enabled Stryten Energy to rapidly and efficiently fulfill their division’s talent needs. The acquisition of high-quality candidates positively influenced the division’s performance and positioned Stryten Energy for continued success in their industry.

Through the implementation of SOLTECH’s VRFB dashboard, Stryten Energy has made a significant impact in the transition to clean energy. SOLTECH’s services helped Stryten Energy to successfully introduce the first VRFB to be manufactured, assembled, and installed in Georgia, solidifying the state’s position as a leader in the clean energy revolution.

By leveraging SOLTECH’s solutions, Stryten Energy has unlocked the full potential of their VRFB system, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy storage capacity. The dashboard provides real-time data insights and predictive analytics, enabling Stryten Energy to optimize performance, minimize maintenance costs, and extend the life cycle of their VRFB units. This project exemplifies how collaborative efforts can drive real-world advancements in long-duration energy storage, making a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.