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Mobile App Development for Online Radio Station

Case Study

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Shaq Fu Radio is a premier online radio station and app that brings the best in music, entertainment, and sports commentary to listeners worldwide. Founded by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, Shaq Fu Radio offers an unparalleled listening experience, blending an eclectic mix of hip-hop, R&B, and classic hits with lively shows and exclusive content. The station is known for its vibrant programming, featuring star-studded guest appearances and engaging segments that cater to fans of all ages.

Business Goals

Shaq Fu Radio aimed to develop a cutting-edge mobile application capable of streaming audio and providing on-demand podcast playback. The primary objective was to create a seamless, user-friendly app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To achieve this, the app needed to deliver an intuitive user experience, allowing listeners to effortlessly navigate between live radio streams and on-demand podcasts. Ensuring high performance was crucial, as the app had to provide robust and reliable streaming with high-quality audio and minimal interruptions, regardless of the user’s location or connection speed.


Business Challenge

Shaq Fu Radio faced several challenges, including developing an app that performs consistently across both iOS and Android platforms and addressing additional requests that arose outside the original project scope without delaying the timeline. Creating an intuitive user interface for customer data and music analytics presented a significant challenge, as it required sophisticated data visualization techniques and seamless integration with the backend systems. Establishing a white-label setup for future clients added another layer of complexity, necessitating a flexible architecture that could cater to multiple brands while maintaining a consistent user experience. 

SOLTECH undertook the task of creating custom software tailored to meet the client's functional requirements.

“They were very responsive. They even helped with items outside of their scope list. We were impressed with their ability to meet deadlines and communicate their punch list.”

– Gentry Thomas, Managing Partner, Shaq Fu Radio


To achieve their goals, Shaq Fu Radio partnered with SOLTECH for their mobile app project. Originally developed by a lone engineer, the Shaq Fu app encountered issues with responsiveness and timeliness, necessitating a comprehensive rebuild. Leveraging our expertise in mobile app development, SOLTECH undertook the task of creating custom software tailored to meet the client’s functional requirements. This involved essentially rebuilding the app from its homegrown version and resubmitting it to the Apple and Google Play stores. 

Ensuring cross-platform compatibility, SOLTECH designed the app to work flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. Open lines of communication were maintained through daily scrum meetings and various channels like Microsoft Teams and email, keeping the project on track and aligned with Shaq Fu Radio’s needs. Following the initial rebuild, SOLTECH continued to provide support and implement enhancements, effectively transitioning from a rescue effort to successful implementation. 



Project Highlights

  • Stand-Up Mobile Application: SOLTECH developed and deployed a mobile application capable of streaming audio and playing podcasts on demand. 
  • UI for Customer Data and Music Analytics: Created an intuitive user interface that allows for sophisticated data visualization of customer data and music analytics. 
  • White-Label Setup: Established a flexible architecture enabling a white-label setup for future clients. 


The collaboration with SOLTECH resulted in significant positive impacts for Shaq Fu Radio, including the successful launch of the app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users enjoyed a seamless experience for streaming audio and accessing podcasts on demand. Additionally, the successful deployment contributed to Shaq Fu Radios growth by expanding their digital footprint and improving user engagement.