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    What is Talend? Talend is a point-to-point integration solution that unites data from various technologies into a single platform so that you can collect, manage, transform and deliver data easier, faster and more secure than ever before. Using the program will help you dramatically decrease project timelines, build better experiences for your customers and place you as a leading innovator in your industry.

    • Connect with all cloud providers. Using native code generation, Talend allows you to connect your data across all cloud providers, optimizing your performance on whichever platform you choose.
    • Unite data in one environment. Talend ETL allows you to collect, manage and transform data across all servers in one unified collection of apps, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise.
    • Develop big data projects faster. Talend big data combines data quality, data, big data, and cloud integration into one central, easy-to-use visual platform.
    • Collaborative data governance. Giving your entire team access to self-service apps allows them to work together to better manage the flow of information across all systems.
    • Automated data quality at high speed. Implement fixed rules directly into the data pipeline to ensure you’re always meeting quality standards without sacrificing time.

    Incorporating Talend into the way you do business will undoubtedly help you reach new levels of innovation, if you are able to customize it to your needs and make a successful transition from your current processes and procedures.