Software Development

Cloud Computing

We design for the cloud.

Our apps are hosted and powered by the cloud.

We build cloud software development based on your infrastructure future growth.  After careful analysis of your business needs and future goals, we can help design your application architecture for the right cloud-based infrastructure sizing, configuration, and monitoring.

We have extensive knowledge in cloud computing software development to help you select, configure, and manage your cloud hosting solution, and design your application specifically for a cloud vendor of your choice, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Heroku.


Cloud Infrastructure

Depending on the application, we ensure that design considerations are accounted for and incorporated into the framework of your application.

Cloud App Architecture

Our innovative approach takes into consideration the use of existing legacy systems, digital and SaaS programs, as we work to redesign your application using emerging technologies.

Cloud Hosting

We provide monitoring, maintenance, and support for your software solution on various cloud platform providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Heroku.

While cloud technologies offer opportunities to companies that were previously unavailable, it is a paradigm shift that requires a different set of skills and toolsets to realize the benefits. As an early adopter of cloud technologies, we design, write, and deploy many applications to the cloud. Our team of cloud specialists also monitor and manage cloud applications on behalf of our clients.

Software Development Process

  • Concept

    Translate your early vision and business requirements into a project blueprint.

  • Foundation

    Outline your creative design, technical frameworks, and architecture for your application.

  • Build

    Build your application through iterative, collaborative feature development.

  • Test

    Quality Assurance and testing to make sure you’re ready for primetime.

  • Deploy & Support

    You aren’t done, you’re live and we’re there to support you.

Need help with an App?

Whether you need to outsource your software development or hire technical professionals,
we will help you successfully execute your project.


Things You Should Know

How much does custom software cost?
Costs vary by size and scope of the project. Click to read the different variables that can affect your project.

How long will my project take?
No two projects are alike or take the same amount of time to build. The size and complexity of the project are the biggest factors in overall duration. Click to read more.

I have an idea, now what?
Having a new software development idea can be exciting. Click to see our 6 Steps On How To Get Started With Your Software Idea.

What can delay my custom software project?
Software projects often take longer than planned. Click for the common reasons why projects run over their initial time estimates.

How do I turn a troubled project around?
There are many ways a software project can go wrong. What you do to turn the project around can make all the difference. Click to read how to get the project back on track.

Tech Stacks We Work With

Technologies are the tools we use to deliver great solutions. Our team knows which technologies work best in each scenario,
and work with you to balance the needs of your project with the long-term needs of your organization.

Languages & Frameworks

Database Technologies
SQL Server
Power BI

Mobile Development
iOS & Android
React Native
Google Flutter

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

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