Reflecting on the project work done by SOLTECH, Hope Flammer, founder of Voice Quilt said, “At the time I was a damsel in distress. SOLTECH kept their commitment and were very helpful in realizing we were on a deadline. They were very accommodating even though we were not the largest job they were working on.”

Hope Flammer, the Founder and CEO of VoiceQuilt had a vision. A close family friend had fallen seriously ill and was in an unconscious state. As her family went to visit their friend in the hospital, they spoke to him and treated him as if he could hear everything they were saying. Against the odds, he recovered.

It was this experience that made Hope understand the power of the human voice and the affect loving messages can have on friends and family during special times. Hope had a vision for people to be able to record and send messages to loved ones, even if they were not able to be there in person. Without the technical expertise to make her vision a reality, Hope needed a team of technology experts to guide her down the right path.

The initial concept for VoiceQuilt combined a web based user interface where users would go to purchase the product, combined with an interface for the phone lines where callers could record their personal message. Once the messages were recorded, they were “quilted” together and the finalized recording could be sent electronically or in a keepsake box.

The project was initially taken on by an IT vendor whose application framework was far too robust for VoiceQuilt’s needs. Hope and the VoiceQuilt team feared their demo version would not be ready in time for the holiday season, an important deadline for their product launch, and were not happy with how the relationship with the vendor was going.

SOLTECH was asked to intervene and after review of the existing code and product requirements, agreed they could fix the issues on budget and on time to meet Voice Quilts deadline.

The SOLTECH team was able to use existing Voice XML and interface with the database while building a more appropriate framework for the application. SOLTECH also brought the hosting of application in-house which was a large help for the testing environment. The first version of the application was in fact released on time to meet the holiday deadline and on budget.

Core Capabilities
Custom Software Development, Strategic Consulting, Custom Hosting, System Integration

Technology Used
Voice XML, Java, Linux

VoiceQuilt was created to allow families and groups to celebrate a special person or couple with heart-felt toasts, tributes and memories. VoiceQuilt allows individuals to create an electronic playlist of greetings and memories.