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It’s never been easier to take advantage of Salesforce healthcare solutions tailored to your organization. Our team ensures a smooth integration and implementation of Health Cloud and Salesforce.

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Getting Started With Health Cloud

The Health Cloud platform is for healthcare organizations looking for a system that can blend clinical and outreach data into a single system for centralized management and reporting. Like many CRMs, Health Cloud comes packed with helpful features but requires setup, configuration, and customization before you roll it out within your organization. 

Our team of certified Salesforce implementation experts can help you evaluate if Health Cloud is a good fit for you and guide you through a successful Salesforce Health Cloud integration and implementation. Salesforce Health Cloud implementation has never been easier. Your healthcare organization can start reaping the benefits of a centralized management solution quickly.

Health Cloud Advantages

The healthcare industry continues to evolve quickly with regard to the use of information technology. The demand for better reporting, business metrics, and auditing are driving the need for many organizations to undergo digital transformation. 

Health Cloud is prepared for these realities and offers significant flexibility to meet your specific use case.

  • A comprehensive view of the patient’s journey and interactions within your organization including both clinical and outreach activities.
  • Capture electronic health record data including conditions, medications, and personal data.
  • Track patient and household contacts Care Plans including problems, goals, and tasks.
  • Integrate with EMR systems, if needed, to understand the bigger picture with your patient’s health history.
  • Customize the platform to use specific healthcare terminology, data fields, and processes.
  • Create customized reports, and dashboards tailored to the needs of your internal teams using powerful built-in reports and dashboard building tools.

Health Cloud empowers your team to work more efficiently while still prioritizing the patient experience. Utilize patient data for good to improve health outcomes and patient engagement throughout the care journey.

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    Manage your patient’s journey in one place.

    Healthcare organizations have many moving parts. Wouldn’t it be great if your marketing, outreach team, nurses, social workers, and accounting team were all working in the same system? This would make it drastically easier to keep a pulse on the patient care experience and make improvements along the way. Salesforce Health Cloud can do just that.

    Salesforce Health Cloud is a healthcare industry-specific solution that provides a mixture of clinical and relationship management capabilities to provide both patient tracking and patient outreach functions. Healthcare tends to have unique security, terminology, and reporting needs that are not found in standard customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. 

    Salesforce Health Cloud is perfect for healthcare organizations looking for a system that can blend clinical and outreach data into a single system for centralized management and reporting. This 360-degree view of the patient experience empowers your organization to optimize workflows to improve patient outcomes and your bottom line.

    Health Cloud is extremely powerful because it is not a standalone product from Salesforce but rather an extension of its healthcare CRM platform. Health Cloud is a blend of CRM capabilities and patient management system.

    Why Work With a Salesforce Health Cloud Consultant 

    Too often, solutions can sound great on paper but aren’t applicable to your organization. Health Cloud is an amazing extension of Salesforce as it’s created specifically for healthcare organizations. It’s one of the most popular CRM platforms in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for every organization.

    Our Salesforce implementation experts take the time to understand your healthcare organization and its needs before helping you choose the best solution to achieve your goals. This way, you can have the peace of mind you’ve invested in software that will benefit your organization and fit your budget,