Next Marketing


Next Marketing offers many marketing services including management and support of channel marketing efforts. Next Marketing supports large clients engaged in front line partnerships, with management of their joint marketing efforts using software. These joint marketing partnerships rely heavily on workflow management, budget tracking, activity tracking, audit logging, and the capture of market spend documentation to allow the partnerships to work effectively.

The legacy software put into place has been effective in achieving its original goals, but is quickly approaching the end of its life due to both aging technical infrastructure and an outdated user experience, making it difficult to use for new clients. Next Marketing evaluated the opportunities in developing a new version of their legacy software with improved user experience, features, and technologies beyond what was previously delivered.

Business Challenge

Next Marketing had three business challenges in designing and creating their application:

  • Next Marketing’s client was operating their joint marketing workflow with the use of a legacy system, built in 1998. The outdated software slowed productivity and allowed for only the minimum business requirements to be fulfilled.
  • The lack of flexibility in making common updates to the system put a strain on the client’s limited budget, calling for the hiring of freelance developers to frequently make changes.
  • Because only 30% of the client’s users are native English speakers, it was necessary to create a UI experience that allowed for ease of use for an international audience.