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Nonprofit Success Pack Implementation

The core Salesforce platform provides significant customer relationship management capabilities and the addition of Nonprofit Success Pack extends the platform with donation and volunteer management features. Like most platform solutions, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack offers significant capabilities but does require initial setup, configuration, and implementation before you roll it out within your organization.

Whether you plan to use Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to deliver better programs, engage your community, communicate more effectively, or raise more resources, our team of certified Salesforce implementation and setup experts can help you get up and running to make a greater impact.

Top features for Nonprofit Success Pack:

  • Specifically built capabilities that typically are only used by nonprofits, such as donor management and tracking of donations, gifts, grants and associated payment schedules.
  • Advanced features for accounting allocation to different categories, soft credits, roll-up reporting, and dashboards.
  • A robust tracking and management system for volunteer work to support the tracking of volunteers, volunteer events, activities, and work schedules.
  • A batch of free licenses and a significant discount for additional licenses.
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    Connect, engage, and advance your mission.

    Did you know that Salesforce has a strong philanthropic arm that has been specifically built to support nonprofits? Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a flexible platform with significant capabilities to track everything from accounts, contacts, and clients including leads, referrals, opportunities, and service cases. It’s easy to get started with Nonprofit Success Pack and Salesforce offers a block of free licenses for nonprofits with verification of your 501c3.

    Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is the #1 CRM for nonprofits. Its goal is to empower you to better engage and connect with your team and advance your mission.