We keep your software constantly evolving

SOLTECH doesn’t just build software applications, we support them as well! It doesn’t matter whether the application was built by SOLTECH or is a pre-existing application. SOLTECH has several application support plans to keep your mission critical applications running.

When it comes to pre-existing software, there are a variety of different problems we regularly see when talking with new clients:

  • My technology partner is no longer in business or is unable to support my product
  • My product was written in-house but the original developer is no longer with us and we do not have documentation
  • My product is being supported by a single resource who is not able to keep up with the number of changes I need
  • My application has become critical to my business and I need a company who I can rely on
  • My product is supported in-house and I would like to free up my team’s capacity for other work and transition support to a technology partner
  • My technology vendor is not performing and I want to engage a new technology partner
  • I want to develop a new application and I want to have all of my IT services provided by a single technology partner

To enable SOLTECH to take over support with minimal disruption or risk to your business, we have developed a painless process to transition your application to our support team.  During the transition process SOLTECH will obtain to your source code, database and other necessary components so that we can build and deploy the application to our local testing environment.  With your help, we confirm all the pieces are in place and working with the latest version of your code so that we can start to support your application and so you can safely remove ties with your existing vendor.  From this point on, how we help you is your call.  We offer four different support plans to meet your needs as well as offer code and architecture assessments and mini-projects to tackle your outstanding punch-lists.

In every case, when you make a support request we will provide you with an estimate and give you full visibility into how the project will be completed. Our interactive, iterative approach includes approvals and frequent communication throughout the process so there are no surprises and you are comfortable with the end solution.

Whether you have an exhaustive list of backlogged support items already in need of completion, or you just want to engage a new partner for future work, SOLTECH has a mature transition and support process to address your needs. For projects not yet in production but in need of assistance, please check out the Project Rescue section to learn how we can assist you.

If you have an application and are looking for a great technology partner to support you then don’t hesitate to contact us at 404.601.6000 orinfo@soltech.net