Smart Monitoring & Data Control

Case Study


PowerSecure is a leading provider of utility and energy technologies to electric utilities and their industrial, institutional and commercial customers. The company provides energy solutions in the following areas: distributed generation, energy storage and renewables, energy efficiency and utility infrastructure. PowerSecure has installed and controls over 1,500 megawatts (MW) of distributed generation systems across the U.S.

Business Challenge

PowerSecure manages multiple data energy sites where real-time diagnostics and status information are utilized. PowerSecure needed to centrally store and process the data to make real-time analysis and alerting possible. Lastly, they needed to scale their platform due to the rapid growth requirements of their business.

“We have a product we are proud of and it is extremely valuable to our sales and company overall.” – Michelle Ventulett, Workforce Velocity


Our engineer team developed two solutions for PowerSecure:

  1. We built a web interface which allowed their monitoring team to view and control all sites in real-time. This allowed their testing schedules to be formalized, and the ability to control the generators by the user interface to perform Load Management, a process which draws power off the generator, reducing cost for the site.
  2. We created a system to consume and display the real-time data of each site. The system utilizes a large amount of data communication which occurs between our written Lambdas and Kinesis. The system uploaded all data into MySQL database hosted by Amazon Web Services.


PowerSecure is now able to monitor and control the data sent from the sites in real-time. This allows for alerts to be sent when issues arise, and the ability to analyze the data regularly to continue to improve their service. They increased their response time by 30% and reduced outage time by 10%.


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