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Tableau: Visual Analytics Platform

Tableau is the world’s leading analytics platform. Its visual analytics platform is transforming the way people use data to solve problems. With the focus to help people see and understand data, Tableau is helping organizations empowering their team with data.

As a director or business executive, you need specific data to build your business forecast and business plan. You may need specific data points, but you may not want all the other details that come with the data. Tableau allows you to filter and build a visualization report based on your desired criteria.

Tableau Capabilities

Recently acquired by Salesforce, some of the business solutions that Tableau is capable of include:

  • Enhancing the use of Big Data in your organization
  • Building Business Dashboards in minutes
  • Greater Collaboration through the ability to engage with data
  • Maps and geographical analysis accessibility
  • Smart Analytics through Ask Data, Explain Data, and Statistical Model Integration
  • Easy Survey Analytics tool to better understand your data
  • Monitoring your data over time with Time Series Analysis
  • Connecting your cloud or online data with Web Data Sources
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    Our Tableau experts can help

    • Implement Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server as needed, including all configuration installs and data source connectivity.
    • Discovery, design and proof-of-concept creation to support business collaboration and approval prior to implementation.
    • Help connect Tableau to your data sources including any data aggregation or data cleansing work required for trustworthy reports and visualizations.
    • Design and development of Tableau reports, dashboards and visualizations including review and training of internal teams to extend and build their own reports.
    • Validate reports, dashboards and visualizations are properly mapped with display information from the fact data sources.

    Tableau has the ability to connect to 60 different data’s, such as Microsoft data, Azure, Salesforce, Google tools and pulls out data from these sources to provide visualizations.

    Is Tableau Right For You?

    Organizations or individuals with small amounts of data can often get by using spreadsheet-style data analysis; however, once they scale, the complexity or volume of data interrelationships outgrow the capabilities of spreadsheets, and tools like Tableau become very attractive.

    Data scale is not the only reason to consider a solution like Tableau. One of the biggest challenges of analyzing data in Excel today is that organizational data is often spread across cloud-hosted platforms and out of reach.  Tableau solves this problem through connectors that know how to report on data not just in databases but also through API integrations with many popular cloud platforms.