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Our projects are centered around helping our customers find technology solutions for their business. We build partnerships with innovative companies to develop new software applications, products, platforms, and services. Together, we create scalable software solutions. Below some of the software solutions we’ve helped build for our clients.


Salesforce Integration & Customization

Haggai used a variety of systems to manage the organization of their global training sessions and ongoing support of their leaders. The systems were written in outdated code and were not integrated, making management and data retrieval difficult.


Cloud Infastructure Development

To better scale their business and to improve the quality, quantity, and swiftness of data collected, SmartPM embarked on creating an application to put in the hands of construction teams in the field.


Application Design with Data Structure

ACT Bridge’s vision is to change the way managers and human resources look at an organization. They needed to map data to provide job-related analysis for hiring, evaluation, career growth, and succession planning.


New Application Design

The LGE SOPS portal is critical to the management of commercial orders by Sales Reps and internal LGE staff. LGE needed to enhance the functional elements of the existing SOPS architecture, to overcome current system limitations, and to enhance features.


Customized Client Portal

Fusionetics wanted to create a new product that would offer online assessment tools to identify imbalances and dysfunctions in the body and automatically generate a treatment plan as well as provide a personalized portal to track treatment activities and progress.


Gate Security Software Development

CapSure realized that they were outgrowing the capabilities of their initial software vendor. They approached us as a vendor that had the required resources, and the ability to quickly ramp up while minimizing the extent to which code would need to be written.


Host: Veanne Smith

Atlanta Business Impact Radio (ABIR) is a podcast that features innovative and forward thinking business and technology professionals of Atlanta. Released every two weeks, ABIR guests are interviewed in person by Veanne Smith, co-founder of SOLTECH, to share their thoughts, passions and areas of expertise with our listeners.

If you are interested in being on our show, please contact podcast@soltech.net.

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Once a month, someone at SOLTECH presents on a topic of their choice to the rest of our team. This series of blog posts will be a compilation of what we’ve covered in each of these gatherings. Take this journey with us, as we continue to learn from one another.

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