According to Michelle Ventulett, Marketing Manager for Workforce Velocity, “We have a product we are proud of and it is extremely valuable to our sales and company overall. “

Workforce Velocity offers services to companies wishing to outsource their workforce management operations. One of the key selling points of their service offering includes the use of their proprietary software called Workforce Velocity. In a progressive effort to expand the reach of their business, Workforce Velocity sought to sell the software, for lease or purchase, as a single software product rather than as part of an overall service offering. To effectively market, a dedicated website for the new product would need to be developed. Workforce Velocity did not have the internal resources or expertise available to develop a website up to par with their vision.

Workforce Velocity had formed a proven relationship with SOLTECH through staff augmentation services SOLTECH initially provided to the company. Workforce Velocity had become accustomed to the high level of talent SOLTECH provided for initial upgrades to their Workforce Velocity software, and found it a good fit for SOLTECH to take on this new project. Following preliminary discussions, SOLTECH suggested the use of DotNetNuke (DNN), a .NET open source platform, as the best choice for the new Workforce Velocity website. Although Workforce Velocity was a Linux shop and Joomla was the most obvious choice for an open source platform, it was not intuitive enough for the likings of the Workforce Velocity team. After viewing a demonstration of DotNetNuke and gathering information on its capabilities, Workforce Velocity decided the best choice for their new Workforce Velocity website was DNN. This choice led the push of their IT team from Linux to .NET to allow for use of the DNN framework.

A true collaboration between SOLTECH and Workforce Velocity led to the launch of a website true to the vision of their look and feel as well as desired functionality. Once the development of the initial website was in process, the Workforce Velocity team underwent training of DNN’s Content Management System to gain a better understanding of how to quickly and easily update their content. Whenever questions arose, the team at SOLTECH created a screen capture video to show how to solve the problem. SOLTECH’s constant availability and eagerness to answer the Workforce Velocity team’s questions on DNN resulted in a highly self sufficient client.

Core Capabilities

Application and Infrastructure Support, System Integration, Strategic Consulting, DotNetNuke

Technology Used

jQuery, DNN, Creative Design, Custom Modules, Custom Flash, Webservices

Workforce Velocity serves as a central point of accountability for improved talent sourcing, selection and retention efforts across multiple skills, locations and/or vendors. Focusing on best practices and process improvements, Workforce Velocity takes a collaborative approach that ensures each customer receives the solution that is right for their operating environment.