Automated Data Revenue Tracking System

Case Study


AAA Parking has been in the parking industry since 1956. Their focus on relationship building and quality service have earned them a spot at the top of the industry. AAA Parking services parking centers all over the US, offering attendant and valet parking services to clients that range from universities to casinos.

Business Challenge

AAA Parking provides third party management of parking sites, with services ranging from unmanned lots to valet service. Previously, AAA Parking tracked all of their revenue data by recording it manually and sending it to their headquarters at the end of the day, a process which can be time consuming, inconsistent, and prone to mistakes. AAA Parking’s vision was to implement a new, online revenue tracking system that would automate data collection, minimize reporting errors, and reduce time spent manually handling data.


We worked closely with AAA Parking to understand their business and develop a technology solution that would create a more effective business process. One of the critical factors to the success of this application was the ability to customize it to each parking site, without losing the consistency that allows for a real-time view of vital business statistics. The new system minimizes errors by validating or “checking” data entered, which means managers spend less time trying to find and fix mistakes.

“The best thing about SOLTECH is their ability to see through the problem and find a solution specific to our needs.” – Bo Laterveer


We delivered a single, cohesive website that streamlines data collection across all AAA Parking sites and offers executives a real-time view of vital business statistics. What AAA Parking appreciated the most was our ability to look at the situation, recognize the core business issues, and to custom tailor an application to solve that problem. The new system has helped AAA Parking to be more accurate and consistent with its revenue tracking. They now spend less time fixing mistakes and manually entering data.


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