IT Staffing

Our goal is to help you quickly add known, skilled professionals to your internally managed projects, so you can mitigate the risk of a new team member while hitting your deadlines. Our IT staffing services include; Contract Labor, Contract to Hire, Direct Hire, and Managed Staffing. If you need to grow your existing IT team or need particular technical expertise, we can find you the skilled IT resources that your project needs. Our technology staffing disciplines cover Software, Mobile, Data, Cybersecurity, Product and UX, and Creative Design.

Contract Labor

When you need to augment your team with additional resources for a period of time, we pull from our team of proven professionals to provide you with capable and reliable talent on a contract basis.  Our unique business model, whereby we employ software development professionals, means that we can often save time by using a known resource who is immediately available for a new contract engagement.

Contract to Hire

A Contract To Hire engagement is an excellent option when you need to expand your team of employees, but prefer the peace of mind that comes from working with an individual first prior to extending that offer of employment.  Contract To Hire allows you to reduce risk by working with a professional on a contract basis prior to extending an offer for full time employment.

Direct Hire

When you need to hire an employee, and you don’t have the recruiting resources or bandwidth to do all the work yourself, engaging the services of a firm with strong recruiting expertise is a wise choice.  Relying on a firm to guide you and manage the entire recruitment process in an extremely competitive IT market can make the difference of whether you are successful at bringing on the Direct Hire resource you need.

Managed Staffing

Managed Staffing is an extension of our IT Staffing services, whereby SOLTECH assembles a full team of professionals, managed by us, who serve as an extension of your IT organization.  Our Managed Staffing solutions allow you to quickly scale up or down to tackle a backlog of work or meet critical project deadlines.

IT Staffing Case Studies

Developers for Health EHR

Greenway Health needed assistance in rapidly staffing their Retail Services development team in order to implement one of the largest EHR installations in the country. In addition, the Salesforce HealthCloud EHR application needed to be extended to integrate with the drug retail chain’s pharmacy systems.

.Net & Database Developers

We helped NextGen grow their IT team to build their Practice Management software. Technically the team needed to know specific stacks such as .Net and have strong database skills, but that was only a part of NextGen’s requirements to be a good fit.

Product Development Team

We assisted Revegy, Inc. in staffing the development team for Revegy Enterprise, a major enhancement to an existing Revegy product. According to Mark Kopcha, CEO of Revegy, “… SOLTECH delivered individuals who took a genuine interest in our project …”