Already well underway in developing their software product, CapSure realized that they were outgrowing the capabilities of their initial software vendor. They approached SOLTECH as a vendor that had the required resources, and the ability to quickly ramp up while minimizing the extent to which code would need to be rewritten.

SOLTECH worked with the incumbent vendor to ensure that old code was preserved, while at the same time forking the code base to add new system functionality. Soon afterwards new code was merged with the legacy code base.

SOLTECH applied two full time .NET developers to analyze project requirements. The solution required the tight integration of a number of third party security and access control products, each from market leaders in their own verticals. These disparate products required integration such that the end product would provide a cohesive single point of operation.

SOLTECH responded with a full project life cycle plan to design, build, implement and support a modular system that could easily be tailored to each individual access control project. Cutting edge technologies were integrated into the solution for the access control market including voicemail, drivers license scan and lookup, as well as the scanning of known vehicles. SOLTECH continues to provide system enhancements and support.

Core Capabilities
Application development, project management

Technology Used
.NET, handheld device integration

GateSure is the result of a collaborative effort that solved the gate security challenges of one of America’s premier gated communities, Country Club of the South (CCOS).

As a CCOS resident and club board member, CapSure founder Van Page led a development team with 50-plus years of combined experience in developing business software solutions. GateSure is the product of hundreds of man-hours of research and development, the up front involvement of security personnel, and input from access control providers.

GateSure, gate security software, is a fully Web-based visitor management software program for gated residential communities, providing peace of mind to residents while making access control management easier for security and administrative staff. GateSure visitor management software delivers impressive benefits while enhancing the community’s image.