Software Development Case Studies


Custom software for forecasting  tool

The LGE HVAC division was experiencing an issue where multiple sources of product, sales, and marketing data existed in different formats and locations. This issue was preventing LGE from using their data to make business decisions that could positively affect their revenue goals. Updating, merging, and keeping that data current was also becoming a challenge.

Trying to resolve these challenges, LGE at first looked to a couple of existing partners familiar with their existing Salesforce setup. However, neither vendor was able to effectively design and implement a solution that would meet their needs. Having several successful project experiences with us on other non-salesforce related work, LGE asked our team to take a look at this problem and offer solutions.


Property Management Application

Justin, founder of Rent Smart, was using too many different platforms to run his business. He was searching for a solution that could streamline his efforts and provide the tools that could help scale his business and manage more units. He was also involved in mentoring and coaching others that were interested in the industry’s best software options.


Tech Resources for a Payment Processor

Merchant e-Solutions had reached a point where they needed to enhance their credit card processing platforms with additional solutions. Their needs were so varied that they hired us to help them find the different resources they needed for each project.


Healthcare EHR System Integration

Aveanna had a few different EMRs for clinical workers in the field to record visits, OASIS data, diagnosis codes, and other clinical forms. Since they work with over 200 different branches and over 50,000 caregivers, they needed key data to flow seamlessly between their HR solution (Workday), their EMR, and the new clinical solution.


Salesforce Integration & Customization

Haggai used a variety of systems to manage the organization of their global training sessions and ongoing support of their leaders. The systems were written in outdated code and were not integrated, making management and data retrieval difficult.


Cloud Infastructure Development

To better scale their business and to improve the quality, quantity, and swiftness of data collected, SmartPM embarked on creating an application to put in the hands of construction teams in the field.


Application Design with Data Structure

ACT Bridge’s vision is to change the way managers and human resources look at an organization. They needed to map data to provide job-related analysis for hiring, evaluation, career growth, and succession planning.


New Application Design

The LGE SOPS portal is critical to the management of commercial orders by Sales Reps and internal LGE staff. LGE needed to enhance the functional elements of the existing SOPS architecture, to overcome current system limitations, and to enhance features.


Customized Client Portal

Fusionetics wanted to create a new product that would offer online assessment tools to identify imbalances and dysfunctions in the body and automatically generate a treatment plan as well as provide a personalized portal to track treatment activities and progress.


Gate Security Software

CapSure realized that they were outgrowing the capabilities of their initial software vendor. They approached us as a vendor that had the required resources, and the ability to quickly ramp up while minimizing the extent to which code would need to be written.


Application Design

Next Marketing needed to re-design their legacy application. Their legacy software had been effective in achieving its original goal, but it was quickly approaching its expiry date due to its aging technical infrastructure and outdated user experience.


Automated Data Revenue Tracking System

AAA Parking’s vision was to implement a new, online revenue tracking system that would automate data collection, minimize reporting errors, and reduce time spent manually handling data.


Content Management Platform

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts was seeking help implementing improvements on their website. Specifically, they wanted to add additional functionality to their online donations system to gather more information from donors and improve the security of the site.


Website Re-Design from HTML to DNN

Archdiocese of Omaha had an HTML based website that was maintained by their IT team. Changes to the site were time-consuming and had to be done manually. The website needed to be easy to change while still maintaining the original look and feel of the HTML website.


Automated Web Application

EMG initially used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access files to record and track the daily operations for their business. As their business grew, it was clear that this method was not the most efficient or effective way to provide a quality service to their clients.


Web-Based Sign-On Server

Faced with a mixed environment comprised of Java and .NET applications, Fortent was looking for a unique approach that would allow these legacy applications to remain intact. They also needed a single sign-on to handle the management of users with specified applications.


Client Facing Web Portal

Kingsley Associates, a leading provider of research and consulting services in the real estate industry, identified the need for a web portal tool for client and internal use. The web portal was an all-inclusive tool where clients can go to view virtually all data related to their surveys.


Infrastructure Update & ERM Data Linking

Northside Women’s Specialists is the nation’s largest provider of pediatric subspecialty and obstetric service hospital in the United States. The needed to connect three local offices and build a local area network that could support a new ultrasound image storage system.


Rescue & Recovery of Application

VoiceQuilt had a vision for people to be able to record and send messages to loved ones, even if they were not able to be there in person. Initially, the project was taken on by an IT vendor, but we were asked to intervene to fix the issues to meet VoiceQuilts deadline and budget.


Development & Training of DNN CMS

Workforce Velocity needed to change their website form Linux to .NET to allow for the use of the DNN framework but did not have the internal resources or expertise available to develop a website up to par with their vision.


Staffing for Health Cloud EHR App

Greenway needed assistance in rapidly staffing its retail service development team to implement one of the largest EHR installations in the country. The Health Cloud EHR application needed to be extended to integrate with the drug retail chain’s pharmacy systems.


Web-Based Shipping Application

EastWest had a vision that allowed smaller companies the benefit of buying products manufactured overseas and shipping full containers to reduce the overall product cost. We enhanced the process by adding parameter-driven business rules to the product.


Sales Application Upgrade

Revegy had a requirement to enhance their existing software to enable greater collaboration and higher degrees of adjustability. The deliverable also included an upgrade to the initial standalone application to improve server communication via XML-based web services.


Smart Monitoring & Data Control

PowerSecure needed to centrally store and process the data to make real-time analysis and alerting possible. They also needed to scale their platform due to their business rapid growth requirements.


Custom Video Platform

CulturaLink needed to quickly pivot how they were offering their services to keep up in the market space. CulturaLink’s goal was to automate its service by creating a complex video interpreting system that uses an IPAD in hospitals to communicate to interpreters all over the country.


Automotive Editorial System

Black Book was using a fourteen-year-old system that was built with legacy Microsoft tools such as Visual Basic 6.0, third party components, and SQL Server. When the original architecture was written its capabilities were limited. Black Book needed an advanced platform that allowed expert curation of automotive pricing along with advanced analytics support.


New Application Design

SCCV needed to deploy a program that would scale up in volume relatively quickly and ensure that the platform would help them create and integrate a system to better follow their client relationships through each milestone, such as properly tracking risk assessment at each step of their client’s journey through 6-12 months.


Health Cloud Implementation

CCMCN needed a new Care Management Platform. They had worked with two different vendors in the past to implement a comprehensive care management solution. However, after a year and a half, CCMCN still did not feel they had the right care management solution in place that could meet its full range of business needs.



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