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As users of computer, web and mobile applications, we have all experienced systems that are easy to use and those that is not.  Software design is more than just making an application look pretty. It is about digging deep into the goals of the software, the needs of the user, and how people like and want to use technology – so that the technology enables the user, rather than gets in the way.

At SOLTECH, we believe strongly in design. Every software solution we build starts first with Solution Design and then goes through Creative and Interactive/User Experience design before coding begins.

Solution Design

Solution design is where we take your ideas and put them down on paper to see, touch and feel. You can think of this step like creating a blueprint for a house. You aren’t interested in picking out the carpet and tiles just yet. What matters most is making sure we all clearly understand the purpose of the software, who it is serving and what it needs to be successful. The fastest way to waste your development dollars is to have ambiguity about what you are trying to achieve and what your users need.

Our Solution Architects will walk you through a process that gets the ideas out of your head, validated, stretched, and molded into a solution that will work for your business. The process is iterative, involving collaborative working sessions with your key stakeholders. Throughout the process, we will be drafting and working from a set of blueprints known as wireframes. Once the process is complete, the wireframes are yours, along with a detailed estimate to build, test and deliver the application.

Creative Design

Once the solution is well-defined, the next step creating a visual identity for the application. This involves all the graphical elements from pictures, graphical elements and logos to fonts, color pallets, and standard screen layouts. Our creative designers will collaborate with you and provide several options and revisions to get a look and feel that matches your company brand and appeals to your target useres.

Interactive/UX Design

Interactive Design is what glues the solution and creative designs together. This is where we get into what your users expect and need out of the software, incorporating user experience and intuitive design principles. Interactive design includes things such as menus, navigation, workflow, page layouts, error messages, and positive system feedback.

Design Technology

The value of great design has been embraced in the web and mobile spaces, which can be seen by the extensive number of frameworks, libraries, components and controls that help the development process.  While it is exciting to have these tools such has responsive design, where applications dynamically change the rendering of controls based on the user’s device, or more client-side processing to allow the application to be more interactive, these technologies require specialized know-how to deliver.

Here is a small list of some of the technologies SOLTECH uses that are changing the way user experiences are delivered:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Mobile (Android/Java, iOS/Objective C)
  • Javascript toolkits (JQuery, Angular, Backbone, Knockout, Ionic)
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Adobe Flex

Let’s connect!

If you are interested in working with SOLTECH on a software design, Let us know. We invite all of our clients in for an initial free consultation to earn your business, and to get you started in the right direction.