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Marketing Cloud Setup, Implementation & Training

Marketing Cloud will allow you to dramatically improve the way you talk to your customers and in-turn land more sales. However, the initial Marketing Cloud implementation process can feel long, stressful and overwhelming.

  • Choosing a platform. There are a lot of platform options, and they all offer slightly different features that can make a huge difference for your business. We’ll research all of the options and provide you side-by-side comparisons to find the perfect fit.
  • Setting it up. Choosing a solution is the first step. Marketing Cloud offers a large variety of subscription options, and not everyone will be right for your company. We’ll help you select which features you need (and which you can live without).
  • Training your team. Marketing automation is only as powerful as the team that manages it. We’ll train each of your employees on the application to make sure they understand exactly how the tools work, and that they feel confident setting up, initiating and tracking each unique marketing campaign.
  • Helping you after go-live. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we’ll be here well after you go-live to make sure your program continues to run smoothly and efficiently.
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    Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    • Get to know your customer. Track each customer’s behaviors, habits and interactions across all of their devices on one simple screen, giving you a full overview of how they are engaging with your company on each of their devices.
    • Meet new customers. Not only can you track data on your customers, but you can optimize second- and third-party data to find and target people a lot like your current customers, who may also be interested in your purchasing your product.
    • Build personalized journeys. With customizable, AI-based marketing journeys, you can automatically send each customer the right message on the right platform at the right time, guiding them further down their own path to the “buy” button.
    • Engage in real time. You can log in to see exactly what a customer is doing and choose how you want to interact with them so that you can seal the deal.
    • See where your campaign is successful, and where it may need some work. Integrating directly with Google Analytics 360, you’ll know exactly what impact you are having on your customers, and change tactics if things aren’t working.
    • Merge your marketing and sales together. Marketing Cloud works seamlessly with Pardot, allowing B2B companies to increase transparency between their marketing and sales efforts.
    • Work from anywhere. As a cloud-based application, your teams can work from anywhere there is a secure internet connection, avoiding the hassle of downloading software directly to each device and supporting your work-from-home policies.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a game-changing way to power your marketing strategies. It enables you to build better, more authentic relationships with each customer.

    Get inside your customers’ heads with Marketing Cloud.

    Have you ever wished you could read your customers’ minds? Getting inside the heads (and habits) of consumers would remove all of the guesswork from your marketing strategies and allow you to always say the right thing, at the right moment, on the right platform.

    While we can’t offer you the power of telepathy, there are ways you can get to know your customers habits, hangouts and wants. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you and your team will feel more like mind readers than marketing experts.

    What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

    Marketing Cloud is a smart marketing automation platform for B2B and B2C companies that is built on artificial intelligence (AI). The application provides invaluable insight as to where, when and how a customer wants to be communicated with. This enables you to build better, more authentic relationships with each customer, which inevitably leads to more sales.