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Kingsley Associates

SOLTECH Delivers to Meet Aggressive Client Deadline

“I would absolutely recommend SOLTECH to anyone who asked on any software project. We truly enjoy working with the team and we have formed a great lasting relationship.”
– AJ Rao, Vice President, Kingsley Associates

Kingsley Associates, a leading provider of research and consulting services in the real estate industry, identified the need for a web portal tool for client and internal use. Development of the tool had begun; however, the tool was seemingly not going to be completed in time to meet an aggressive client deadline. In order to maintain a good relationship with their client and deliver the product on time, Kingsley Associates required the assistance of an IT vendor to aid in meeting the identified requirements.

Kingsley Associates selected SOLTECH as their trusted IT vendor to deliver on the remaining requirements for their web portal. SOLTECH’s ability to quickly understand Kingsley Associates needs and promptly put together an approach sparked the beginning of a great relationship between the two companies.

The web portal is an all inclusive tool where clients can go to view virtually all data related to their surveys. This includes such data as survey recipients, response statistics, reporting, user setup, and user hierarchy. The project was a joint venture on many levels. SOLTECH focused on core development activities while Kingsley Associates stayed involved from a QA and testing perspective

SOLTECH successfully completed the project in a timely manner to meet the client deadline with a fiscal responsibility appreciated by Kingsley Associates.

The new web portal gave Kingsley Associate’s clients a great benefit allowing them to view and change all information related to their surveys in one place. Whether a user desires to view survey data, run reports, change user settings and hierarchy or upload new recipients, it can all be done from the web portal. The tool also allows Kingsley Associates an easier way to add client information to their system and maintain client data.

SOLTECH’s thorough and on-time execution of Kingsley’s project portal has resulted in several additional partner projects. Currently, SOLTECH is adding custom reporting capabilities to the project portal and will continue to support Kingsley Associates as needed upon project completion.

Core Capabilities
Custom Software Development, Product Development, Strategic Consulting

Technology Used
.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, LINQ, Microsoft Charts, Web Services, XML

As one of the leading providers of research and consulting services in real estate, Kingsley Associates designed and launched the industry’s first survey program in 1985. Kingsley Associates strives to elevate their clients’ portfolio and organizational performance through a comprehensive suite of products, deep industry expertise and exceptional service.