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Kingsley Associates Client Facing Web Portal Case Study

Case Study

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As a leader in real estate research and consulting, Kingsley Associates pioneered the industry’s first survey program in 1985. They are dedicated to enhancing their clients’ portfolio and organizational performance through their products, deep industry expertise, and exceptional service.

Business Goals

Kingsley Associates aimed to enhance client engagement and streamline internal operations by developing a comprehensive client-facing web portal. The portal was intended to provide seamless access to survey data and management tools, thereby improving data transparency and operational efficiency for their clients.

Business Challenge

Kingsley Associates faced challenges in developing a web portal tool that was crucial for both client and internal use. Initial development efforts were lagging, risking the ability to meet a critical client deadline. To preserve client relations and ensure timely delivery, Kingsley Associates sought the expertise of an IT vendor.


Kingsley Associates selected us to deliver on the remaining requirements for their web portal. The web portal is an all-inclusive tool where clients can go to view virtually all data related to their surveys. This includes such data as survey recipients, response statistics, reporting, user setup, and user hierarchy.

Our team’s ability to quickly understand Kingsley Associates needs and promptly put together an approach sparked the beginning of a great relationship between the two companies.

“I would absolutely recommend SOLTECH to anyone who asked on any software project. We truly enjoy working with the team and we have formed a great lasting relationship.” – AJ Rao, Kingsley Associates

Project Highlights

  • Rapid Development: Our team quickly grasped the unique needs of Kingsley Associates and efficiently devised a plan to meet the project deadlines.
  • Comprehensive Web Portal: Developed a user-friendly, all-inclusive web portal allowing clients to manage survey data, user settings, and more from a single platform.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: The portal enhanced the way Kingsley Associates interacts with their clients, providing them with direct control over their data and operational settings.


The new web portal significantly benefited Kingsley Associates’ clients by centralizing the control over survey-related information. This allowed users to easily manage survey data, run reports, adjust user settings, upload new recipient details, and maintain updated client information—all from one location. The portal also facilitated easier management of client data for Kingsley Associates.

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