According to Joshua Ring at Archdiocese of Omaha, the project was a success because SOLTECH was able to quickly deliver a website that exceeded all of their expectations.

“SOLTECH did the job that we asked quickly and with detail. I was amazed at how exactly the skin mimicked the look of the site that we already had. It was identical, no discrepancies. “


Archdiocese of Omaha had an HTML based website that was maintained by their IT department. Whenever someone wanted to make changes to the website, they had to contact the IT department, who would then make the changes manually. It was important that the website be easy to change, while still maintaining the original look and feel of the HTML website. Archdiocese of Omaha knew that they wanted to use DNN, but they weren’t sure who their software provider should be. After purchasing a license for the DNN software, the DNN corporation referred Archdiocese of Omaha to SOLTECH.


After writing the structure of the page in DNN, SOLTECH then designed a skin to exactly match the original HTML based webpage. SOLTECH also suggested some modules that might be more effective, given what Archdiocese of Omaha was looking to do.

Archdiocese of Omaha is excited about the new features of their DNN website, and very pleased with how the site looks. Most importantly, the process of adding information to their website has now been streamlined. The simplified user interface of DNN is helping save the IT department the time and hassle of having to update the website, which is allowing them to spend that time working on other projects.

Core Capabilities

Custom Software Development, Strategic Counseling

Technology Used


The Archdiocese of Omaha is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Catholic community around the area of Omaha, Nebraska. Their community includes churches, schools, priests, and over 889,000 practicing Catholics spread out over 23 counties. They are also one of the largest private social service providers in the area, offering, among other things, counseling, shelter, and healthcare to those in need.