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Platform Development & UI/UX Design for Software Company

Case Study

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Naylor Association Solutions, founded in 1969, is a premier provider of integrated solutions tailored for professional and trade associations across North America. Specializing in member engagement, revenue generation, and brand promotion, Naylor offers a wide array of services including customized communication strategies, event management, software solutions, and advisory services. Their comprehensive approach aims to enhance association performance by driving member engagement, increasing non-dues revenue, and ensuring operational efficiency.

Business Goals

Naylor Association Solutions wanted to significantly enhance the user interface and functionality of their solutions. One of their primary goals was to modernize and streamline the technology infrastructure to deliver more efficient and user-friendly solutions. By consolidating and optimizing the various platforms acquired over the years, Naylor intends to present a unified and powerful product suite and brand to the market. Through this initiative they expected to not only strengthen Naylor’s brand but also solidify its market position by offering superior value to association clients through advanced communication products and an enhanced career center experience.

Business Challenge

The collaboration with SOLTECH was initiated in response to several challenges faced by Naylor Association Solutions. As the company expanded its offerings and integrated new businesses, it encountered complexities in merging diverse platforms and client-facing systems. This led to operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the user experience offered by Naylor. The partnership with SOLTECH involved a thorough review of the existing tech stack to identify inefficiencies, assess risks, and explore opportunities for technological enhancements. A significant challenge in this endeavor was achieving a cohesive integration of the various components of the tech stack to ensure a seamless, efficient, and consistent presentation of products and the brand.  

Additionally, maintaining alignment between Naylor’s team and SOLTECH’s recommendations required robust communication and documentation practices. The integration of SOLTECH’s team as an extension of Naylor’s staff for continuous product development and updates was crucial in addressing these challenges. Through this strategic partnership, Naylor Association Solutions aims to navigate the complexities of technology consolidation and optimization to meet its ambitious business goals. 

Naylor sought to modernize and unify their technology platforms to improve user experience and market position, facing challenges in integration and operational efficiency.

“I’ve come to trust SOLTECH. Anytime I take a new project to them, I know they’re going to be as realistic and accurate as possible in what they can provide to us and at what cost and timeframe they can provide it. They also ensure they have the resources to meet our goals.” – Laura Taylor, SVP Product & Service, Naylor Association Solutions


Our collaboration with Naylor revolutionized their technology landscape, initiating with the development of an advanced buyers’ guide that fosters a robust connection between buyers and sellers within their industry. Our endeavor progressed to constructing a proof of concept (POC) for a new platform, in addition to revamping Naylor’s client-facing media web pages, thereby enhancing their product marketing strategies. A pivotal project that we undertook was centered around the consolidation and optimization of Naylor’s diverse platforms and client systems, accumulated through various acquisitions over the years. Our objective was to streamline these assets to deliver a cohesive, efficient brand and product presentation in the marketplace. 

In achieving this, we conducted thorough evaluations of each existing platform, assessing their current configurations while identifying potential risks and opportunities for technological enhancement. These evaluations were meticulously presented to Naylor’s key stakeholders through both verbal presentations and comprehensive documentation, covering every aspect of the system reviews we conducted. 

This project was instrumental not just in optimizing Naylor’s technological foundations but also in deepening our understanding of their systems. This knowledge empowers us at SOLTECH to seamlessly integrate into Naylor’s product development processes, allowing us to contribute effectively to both design and functional advancements as an extension of their team. Our commitment to this partnership reflects our dedication to leveraging technology for driving business growth and efficiency.


Project Highlights

  • Technology Modernization: Spearheaded the modernization and consolidation of Naylor’s tech infrastructure, aiming for a unified, user-friendly product suite. 
  • Integration Challenges: Addressed complexities in merging diverse platforms from acquisitions, focusing on operational efficiency and a consistent user experience. 
  • Advanced Buyers’ Guide Development: Initiated technological enhancements with an advanced buyers’ guide, improving industry connections between buyers and sellers. 
  • Platform Proof of Concept: Developed a proof of concept for a new platform, laying the groundwork for further strategic improvements in Naylor’s product marketing strategies. 
  • Tech Stack Audit: Conducted thorough evaluations of Naylor’s tech stack, identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization, supported by comprehensive documentation and stakeholder presentations.


SOLTECH delivered impactful technological solutions that propelled Naylor Association Solutions to market leadership by enhancing their product offerings and operational efficiencies. One notable achievement was the revitalization of the buyer’s guide, which not only retained but expanded Naylor’s client base, establishing a significant competitive advantage with new, unmatched functionalities. 

Another key solution was the development of an online media kit, transforming the sales process for over 400 publications. This innovation replaced outdated PDF documentation with dynamic online content, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and significantly cutting down the marketing team’s workload. 

Through accurate budgeting, transparent communication, and adaptable project management, SOLTECH not only delivered projects on time but also fostered a deep trust with Naylor. This collaboration underscored SOLTECH’s commitment to setting clear expectations and achieving tangible results, solidifying their role as a valued long-term strategic partner for Naylor Association Solutions.