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Brain Tumor Network (BTN) provides free compassionate, personalized navigation to individuals and caregivers in the US that are seeking information about treatment options for primary brain tumors. Experienced nurse navigators and social workers connect patients to second opinions, enhanced diagnostics, clinical trials and a range of patient support services.

Business Challenge

BTN’s patient relationship management is data-intensive requiring ready access to patients’ complex medical history and a network of relationships including clinicians, caregivers, and social support services. BTN also conducts personalized clinical trial searches matching patients based on eligibility criteria and other selection factors. BTN’s legacy patient data system was limited in its ability to:

  • Link patient relationships across multi-institutional and multi-disciplined care teams
  • Search the network for clinicians and institutions with tumor-type specific expertise
  • Leverage navigator team experience across patients for more efficient operations
  • Access source medical records and other reference materials
  • Facilitate patient engagement with communication tools and satisfaction surveys

As a publicly supported non-profit, BTN also needed a platform to support its development efforts.

To help BTN be more efficient and strategic, they needed a centralized location where all their patients' data could be accessed and tracked.

“SOLTECH was not only a Salesforce platform expert but brought a rich familiarity with our healthcare use case resulting in a great collaborative outcome”

– Dan Ryan


BTN selected Salesforce and worked with SOLTECH to implement a customized solution.

SOLTECH built a Salesforce-based Patient Relationship Management system that organizes patient medical profiles providing easy access to source medical records. BTN patient interactions are logged into Salesforce helping nurse navigators follow the patient’s care journey. Network connections with clinicians, caregivers and others are linked to patient records to facilitate engagement. Website integrations and embedded tools such as Conga enable efficient patient communications.

SOLTECH also assisted BTN with the implementation of a custom-developed Clinical Trial Matching solution. The majority of the work for this solution focused on two key functions: a) Automatically importing data from into Salesforce on a nightly basis with the ability to custom label the trials with key search criteria, and b) development of an algorithm to enable matching/scoring of Clinical Trials against patients profiles.

Brain Tumor Network website


The Salesforce platform built out by SOLTECH is critical to BTN’s ability to offer high-touch patient navigation services to over 600 patients per year in a personalized and cost-efficient manner. Less time looking for information is more time assisting patients. Targeted clinical trial matching facilitates patient-clinician engagement on important treatment alternatives. Truly, the ability to link relationships between patients and brain cancer care resources across the country puts the “network” in BTN…just ask Katie.

Katie Bourg, a mother of two young children, was diagnosed with a GBM at the age of 35. Living near New Orleans, she began treatment for her brain tumor under the guidance of a neurosurgeon and general oncologist. Wanting more specialized care, she contacted BTN where a nurse navigator used BrainCloud to connect her with a neuro-oncologist located within driving distance. When imaging showed the tumor to be regrowing, BTN used BrainCloud again to immediately connect Katie with the Brain Tumor Center of Excellence at MD Anderson, and facilitated a virtual consul with Neuro-Oncologist Carlos Kamiya Matsuoka. BrainCloud’s record management function enabled Katie’s nurse navigator to assist with sending her medical records to each physician’s office prior to both consultations. Katie still works with Dr. Matsuoka today in tandem with her local Neuro-Oncologist.

Katie’s Profile on the BTN website