IT Contract To Hire

A risk-free way to expand your team.

A Contract To Hire engagement is an excellent option when you need to expand your team of employees, but prefer the peace of mind that comes from working with an individual first prior to extending that offer of employment.  Contract To Hire allows you to reduce risk by working with a professional on a contract basis prior to extending an offer for full time employment.

When hiring new employees, a Contract To Hire scenario is ideal for truly assessing a person’s expertise and capabilities, work ethic, communication and leadership skills, as well as overall fit within your corporate culture.

There are many additional benefits of Contract To Hire positions.  When you leverage SOLTECH’s IT Contract To Hire services, you will be presented with candidates who have been thoroughly vetted against your job description and hiring criteria, resulting in time savings and less frustration for you.  Because you are bringing the resource in on a contract basis, this typically allows you to get the


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