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MerchantE is an end-to-end credit card payment processing company. They are one of a handful of end-to-end merchant processors that manage all fees and process merchant transactions.


Business Challenge

MerchantE had reached a point where they needed to enhance their credit card processing platforms with additional solutions. Their needs were so varied that they hired us to help them find the different resources they needed for each project.

They had two specific solutions that they wanted to build and asked SOLTECH to hire contract workers for:

  • Hosted Payments: A solution that helps customers feel more secure when paying for goods or services with a branded payment form on their website.
  • Electronic Invoices: MerchantE’s invoice tool that streamlines the payment process to get paid faster.

In addition to these, MerchantE aimed to expand their core team. They turned to us to locate skilled software engineers and software architects for full-time roles.

Lastly, they wanted to build a PCI billing automation compliance tool. Their manual process needed to be automated to ensure their 3rd party vendors were being compliant with their credit card regulations. This stand-alone product would help to manage MerchantE’s required safety, security, and compliance screening.

Their needs were so varied that they hired us to help them find the different resources they needed for each project.

“SOLTECH consistently delivers outstanding attention and care. Their team embodies a culture centered on transparent and regular communication. Collaborating with them doesn’t feel transactional; instead, it feels like a genuine partnership built on trust.”  – Naveed Ashraf, CTO, MerchantE 


We helped MerchantE find the technical professional resources they needed to enhance their current product offerings and build new ones to support the company’s growth of its robust solutions.


  1. Contract Workers

In order to meet market demand, the immediate priority was to find a team that could function in the shortest time possible. We were able to get the team on the job and ready to go within 6-weeks, which included two full scrum teams of QA Engineers, Java Engineers, and Scrum Masters.

  1. Permanent Placements

We helped MerchantE find the right technical resources to grow their permanent staff. SOLTECH was a large part of MerchantE’s limited preferred vendor list.

  1. Software Development

We developed a PCI billing compliance automation tool for MerchantE. They needed a solution to efficiently handle the vast amount of data they received. Together, we transformed their tedious manual system into an automated one.


Our team swiftly placed both contract workers and permanent staff, and provided software development support, ensuring the project was completed in an impressively short time. Thanks to our prompt assistance, MerchantE was able to maintain its growth momentum while fulfilling its obligations.

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