Automated Web Application

Case Study


EMG is a nationwide provider of dumpsters, storage containers, and portable toilets, serving the retail and commercial construction industry. EMG also works directly with retail, commercial, and industrial customers to provide cost-saving waste and recycling solutions. Whether it’s for a single site or multiple locations, EMG customizes its solutions to fit their client’s needs.

Business Challenge

EMG initially used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access files to record and track the daily operations for their business. As their business grew, it was clear that this method was not the most efficient or effective way to provide a quality service to their clients. EMG sought a way to automate their business processes. They recognized that hiring a long-term internal IT resource to take on the project was not in the best interest of their business.

“They not only ‘got it’, but also responded with additional suggestions and showed us how we could enhance the process by adding parameter driven business rules to the product.” – Scott Ellyson, EastWest Manufacturing


We worked with EMG to design an automated web application, housing a central repository of data, allowing employees access to the application from anywhere at any time. The application used complex algorithms to automate costing, pricing, billing, payment tracking, and fundamentally, all operations related to their business.


EMG is thrilled with the use of its new automated application. It allows a more efficient means to run their business and in turn, allows a more effective service for the clients.


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