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An essential part of successful project delivery is having a good implementation process. Over the years, we’ve developed a Software Solution Process that we tailor to fit the specific needs of our customers.

We’ve blended several methodologies that allow us to adapt easily and efficiently to our customer projects. Our goal-oriented, results-focused process of software development uses the following paradigms as a basis for work.

Adaptive Project Management

Our approach allows us to become an extension of your team as we work collaboratively on your project. With a clearly defined and shared concept, plan, and goal, steps in the software development process are that much easier to complete.

Highly Adaptable Development

We are versed in and use several software development methodologies, which allows us to manage any project for any client. From pure Agile to classic Waterfall project management, we’re ready for anything. Our software design process adapts to your specific needs.

Change Tracking & Control

We set project scope expectations up front and are transparent with changes. We’ll identify and document project changes and keep you informed of them. We leave the project scope adjustments up to our clients, as they’re in charge of the end product.

We like to think of the custom software development process as similar to that of building a house.


Starting with your early vision and idea for the software application, we’ll discuss ideas for the project. Our development and UI experts will collaborate with you to translate your early vision and business requirements into actionable software design.

Our Solution Design ensures your requirements and business goals are fully incorporated into the blueprint, wireframes, and application flow documents. Then, we’ll outline the current and future development efforts for the project. We’ll also include a creative component to ensure the solution is functional, highly branded, and delivers an outstanding user experience.


Once the plans are drawn up and agreed upon, it’s time to lay the technical foundation of your software project. Our technical teams will work on the technical architecture and any data modeling that needs to be done.

We’ll collaborate with you to formalize the UI style of the project and walk you through the technology decisions that need to be made. Finally, we’ll build an iterative development plan that meets your timeline and business.


Now for the heart of the project work, the construction period for your software project. At this stage, our application software development plan equips our team to create software based on the plans outlined in the previous steps.

We’ll deliver updated iterations of your project regularly, so you can keep track of the work. You’ll see the inner, technical workings be developed (APIs and business logic), while the UI and other user experience design teams work their magic.

Customers and any relevant stakeholders can review each iteration of the project as it is made available.


Your project is nearing completion, but isn’t ready for primetime just yet. At this stage of development, we’ll perform a series of iterative tests and gather feedback on the project. With a collaborative approach, our development team can deliver effective, engaging, stable, and secure final products.

Our comprehensive commitment to project quality includes automated and functional unit testing. We also offer feature demos to project stakeholders and review sessions to discuss updates and changes as we uncover them.

The final phase of testing — and of the entire software development process prior to release — is full quality assurance (QA) testing. We’ll perform end-to-end system testing, user acceptance testing, and more, to ensure that your software project is ready for production.


This is the final stage for your software project (and house, to continue the analogy). We’ve completed all the internal and external work and passed all the inspections and tests. The application software development process is complete. Your software project is now ready to go live.

Release your application on your own infrastructure or use our hosting services, which we provide to any development customer. Additionally, you can sign up for application support, making maintenance and future project “additions” only one call away. An app doesn’t have to be a one-off project. We can continue to change and update it based on your business’s needs.

Hear From Our Clients

“After a long search for a group that had the capabilities to develop an enterprise-level web application with true scale and the right architecture we chose SOLTECH.
It was an excellent decision for our business.”
– COO, Fusionetics