Solution Process


From thousands of thoughts to one solution.
We take the thousands of thoughts and ideas of what your application could be, and translate them into one solution design. Through collaborative sessions, we learn what makes your business unique and why this software matters. From this understanding we are able to build on your ideas and make them better by incorporating outside industry trends and creative thinking.

Our Solution Design process incorporates the following three steps.


  • The Business Goals
  • The User's Needs
  • The Success Criteria


  • The Workflow
  • The Business Rules
  • The Functional Screens


  • All features and functions
  • Creative Design
  • Testing
  • Project management
  • Deployment


Transform your Design from Functional into Fantastic!
During our branding phase, your colors, fonts, images and illustrations are incorporated into our design to create an application that not only Wow's your user, but is easy and intuitive to use. Through design iterations, we incorporate your feedback until we finalize the look and feel that best represents your brand and product.


Building custom software is like building a house. Our Implementation team takes the completed blueprints from the Design and Brand phases and creates a project schedule with tasks, resources, and timelines. Our project managers then assemble the team, kick off the project and get building!

Lay the Foundation

In this step, our technical architects select the technologies, frameworks and development tools for the application and define the software architecture that the team will follow. Databases are also designed in this step.

Frame It

With our foundation in place, we first create the user interface screens so that you can experience the entire application first had. The screens are often programmed with dummy data at this stage. We do this so you can verify the application design and easily make any last minute changes prior to the final build out.


While features are completed, a quality assurance review is performed to confirm that the developed feature or function has met the blueprint specification. Any issues at this stage are corrected and re-inspected. When the entire application has been coded and an end-to-end test performed, it is handed to you for a User Acceptance Test (UAT).

Build it Out

Once the framing is complete and the user experience validated, all of the underlying logic is coded for each feature and function, with a focus on iterative delivery to you and the other stakeholders to review.


We are still here when you need us.

Once your software is ready to ship, we are here to help you select and configure your server or cloud infrastructure, and deploy the application to production. But that is not all. SOLTECH offers hosting and application support plans so that you have one number to call for any future issue or enhancement. We aim to earn your trust at each project phase and be your long-term custom software partner.

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